Barnes of Asura!

I have a @Barnes on my wheel of pain! I’m super pumped as he’s the first chosen who is a “fighting” thrall and will not be stuck on a station. Now, he’ll have to follow MY orders, do what I say, and must please ME. He better have good dance moves or he’s going to get a scolding and if his percentages blow… well… he may stay level 0 for awhile…


If you follow the gruel10 steak15 gruel20 plan, he’ll end up with a potential (low-end conservative) 6,600 HP. I’m hoping I’ll find myself tonight on my server. Barnes of Asura does accept healing arrow healing, that’s confirmed.


When you find yourself, be careful not to have an existential crisis. And try to keep it clean please.

Congrats @Barnes I shall now club you over the head before ‘employee orientation’

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Went to a cave just now and found myself. My 22nd time in. :smiley:


Oh, you are a belly dancer. This is cute.

Every time you interact with yourself, you will sing the song “I touch myself”, in your head…

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