Battle Pass Challenge: Well of Skelos doesn't pay out

i completed the battle pass challenge for Well of Skelos - killed the boss and his henchmen but didn’t kill every critter on the way down. i got the obsidian recipes, did i miss something?

I’d you are playing single player, you could admin spawn the boss. otherwise, wait for him to respawn and fight him again.

That is a workaround, though, not a fix for the challenge not registering the first time.

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My clanmate and some people were doing it with had this on Playstation. My clanmate never completed it, and neither did the other people. That was during the last battle pass.

Unfortunately, due to how the encounter is scripted, it never registers as you killing the boss. Because he basically kills himself by throwing too many spells (you never fight him directly), the workaround is the only solution until the boss is re-scripted. Which I doubt will ever happen.

i’ve seen it where he died on his throne with the force field up. i’ve also had the force field go down and finished him with melee.

the last time this came up, i was with a clan mate who needed the achievement on our private server. The field dropped and he killed the boss with melee, but didn’t get credit. I admin spawned the boss again so he could complete it.

So, not sure how far down the rabbit hole the issue goes.

In any case, having a solo game available to handle things like this is probably the current ‘best practice’ vs relying on this issues to be resolved.

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Truly, the Well of Skelos is a most unnatural location.

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