Battle Pass just ends at 60?

I’ve only played a couple games with a battle pass like system before, rocket league and marvel snap to name a few, but neither of those just abruptly end at the final level. They give smaller rewards for continuing to play.

Where’s the incentive to keep playing and keep doing daily challenges?

After 60 it doesn’t have to be anything major. Maybe supply caches akin to those you would get off a bearer thrall. If you hit 100, 200, 300 so on… maybe at those levels get a named thrall like the ones you could buy farming blood crystals for obs. Just some little incentive to keep logging on and doing the challenge. But there’s really just nothing after 60?


After I’m done with it, the popups get annoying.

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I am quite surprised people even bother with the BP instead of finishing it via admin panel in SP. The tasks are so boring and repetitive.


Most of us do it in SP with admin panel.

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If anyone wants to do BP challenges without admin panel, reroll until you get legendary challenges, focus on those for your multipliers. If you spot an epic challenge that is super quick to do go ahead as well.
It never took me more than 4 days to reach 60 without really bothering for the quests :+1:

At 60th level with my keep built the challenges of the battle pass quite often, was all I had to do. I’m done with the battle pass, my keep is built, I still have the last 3 dungeons to do, and a few journeys to finish, but right now I am only logging in long enough to put off decay, maybe do a journey step.

You’re assuming that. You might be right, but have no really way to back it up. Half the reason I play is to do the battle pass challenges.

It takes me maybe 2 weeks of semi active play; doing challenges as they pop up during regular play, to complete a 3 month battle pass. I got this one done in a matter of hours during the boost event.

Now for me jumping in to single player to whip out the challenges just lessens the fun.
It’s a pretty day, I like to walk; I need the walk, I’m out of ice cream, and the store is just 5 blocks away. Why would I want to ruin that by jumping in the car and driving to the store? Or worse, having it delivered :astonished:

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Or worse, admin-spawning the ice cream :upside_down_face:

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I’ve never done the Battle Pass with the admin panel, still only takes likes 2 weeks of picking the right challenges and re-rolling. You only get so many re-rolls and multipliers, so unless you’ve let it sit for weeks or months, you’ll have to do them each day as they pop-up. I normally get terrible luck with the challenges and it still doesn’t take long at all. I was still easily able to complete it before the bonus XP multupliers for Nemedian foundation issue started. I actually enjoy going out into the world to do some of the tasks, a lot of the time they aren’t things I would normally do, so I enjoy that.

I accidentally complete tasks and don’t even bother to click on them. I do wish they would give out any kind of small incentive to keep going, literally anything!

So if you still see BP as a challenge at all, I have to be honest: “Do you like to eat the same porridge every day?”

Because nothing has been done differently in the BP for months, the two actions that are added through the age and chapter are not really worth mentioning.

And here are a few that I know of that do this in the SP.

@stelagel @MarcosC @Croms_Faithful and there are many more.

btw i dont mean that in a bad way. :blush::vulcan_salute:t4:

PS: Well, that’s your view with the ice.
But there are also people who cannot muster this time.
So we came up with different mechanics to get what we wanted.
And there is none that is less valuable.

Oh a few are actually challenges, most are simply tasks. Most of the time I’ll be up to something else, maybe even just passing through on foot, deal with some beast or other and kill X more to finish a challenge pops up. Well since I am obviously in the area…

When I finish I cash in and see craft a healing item or go here, and it’s right there so I “geterdone” But for me the challenges just add more flavor to the play.

Right off I wouldn’t consider them; one way or another, representative of your average player. Once again not saying you’re wrong. But just being on the forum makes you a minority of the players.

I try to understand. You want bp to keep going after lvl 60?
I personally wouldn’t have problem with it, if you wish to do daily challenges and get a small reward for it, i wouldn’t mind. Actually i would find this beneficial for the game, but daily challenges, not connected to bp. These daily challenges would “force” you to do them on your every day server so it would give you an extra goal to play daily.
But a task like the legendary ones, not the bp common.
There’s not a bigger troll to go back to your base with 200k stones, receive your bp tasks and the next one be “gather stones” :rofl::rofl::rofl:, omg i just empty the half map and you wsnt me to go back and farm more? C’mon! Nah even if you don’t care and you want to do it the “valid” way it breaks your b…s and you go admin mode to get rid of them, pointless!
And since we talk about “pointless” let’s say something else here that’s irritating.
Journey steps!
I remember Dennis is the presentation live stream saying that journey steps will be flexible for veterans. If they do some actions they will count on journey steps and they won’t have to repeat…
Two days ago i decided to do the journey steps for fun…
Places that i already visited 100 times…
Things that i already craft or did 100 times, i had to do them all over again once more, or twice, or 3,4,5,6 because they were bugged…
I already have 2 purges in my new server, some purge thralls and crafters too, but i have to wait the next purge to get the journey step :man_facepalming:.
I start missing the old journey step system :roll_eyes:.

You have to understand the thinking behind the system. If you take all the things one could learn from battlepasses of other games. What works and what doesn’t work. What’s fun for players. Take all that. And put it to the side. Pretend it doesn’t exist. Make a battlepass without any of that knowledge. That’s what we got.

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