Battle pass level 60 golem?

I unlocked the level 60 golem the other day and was disappointed that it does not glow like in the description, its just a plain black stone golem, is it a bug or is it just a black golem,if so seems like a poor final reward for the season,should be cool like the wight horse,just my opinion some may love it.

It’s a scam. If you ever buy something and it is not exactly like as it is advertised, then it is a scam because it is dishonest advertisement. That’s the fact of the matter and facts never change.

I appreciate your post as I was considering investing as well. Thank you for your warning.

Believe it or not false advertisement he used to be illegal and strictly monitored. I miss those days. It kept businesses honest and made them better or at least more honest anyway and at least a little better.

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