Is funcom lying to us? Battle pass rewards


Hello everyone

I just wanna discuss this and hopefully get some answers.

Why are @Funcom telling us that the Battle pass rewards are ONLY cosmetic when they obviously are not.

In this screenshot from Battle Pass and Bazaar Full Overview in Age of Sorcery - Conan Exiles

It clearly says that Battle pass rewards are only cosmetic and in terms of stats they have a base game equivalent.
So how about the Theurgical Aegis armor ?
That armor does NOT have a base game equivalent that i can find or that no one else seems to know about,
I personally find this very disturbing.

Do you guys have any other experience with similar situations?

Lets mobilize and bring this problem to their attention!!

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There’s a sorcery set unlocked via Journey Steps. Perhaps it’s the equivalent


The stormglass set was also Pay2Win, because it had building pieces with 200k HP in it.

They fixed that after it was brought to their attention. I am pretty sure they would have not moved a finger if players would’ve stayed silent.

Also there were armors in the battle pass where the crafting recipe was swapped (epic ↔ non epic). Also medium armor being light armor etc.

Next we still have Arcane Reinforced Window building pieces that have 140k HP, DOUBLE the amount of a normal wall. They were in the first battlepass.

The current battlepass has some spears that are interesting.
Aesir Chieftain Spear + Bloodstone Spear. There are NO CRAFTABLE base game counterparts.

Oh and on top of everything mentioned, they had a wolf/dog skin, that was basically invulnerable to normal attacks, because the hitbox was off.

I am pretty sure there is more that is not only cosmetic as they claim.


I noticed this as well (but didnt want to say anything because its in our favor >:) ) but i forget which one but theres a few weapons in sorcerery season 1 or 2 that are in a “power level” with other weapons , again i dont remember which ones, but the resource requirements to make those weapons are much more common compared to their actual in game counterparts. This isnt new tho , i wanna say the Yamatai bow from DLC is equivalent to a high level bow but it only cost like steel bars and some shaped wood, where as the “real” bow at its equal strength is like star metal or something (im guessing i dont know exactly)

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Khitan DLC weapons are now also slightly stronger than their star metal counterparts.

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FC’s stance is cosmetics shouldn’t give more power. However due to their other stance of giving some level of functionality to paid objects on par with regular stuff, there is things that slip through.

This is why I have suggested in the past and now that ALL paid items should lose functionality. Meaning all armor and weapons cannot be worn or used, but instead are used to apply illlusions, and anything with storage or crafting ability simply become inert cosmetic placeables.

That would ensure their number one goal of not paying for strength is maintained.

This community is also incredibly insincere with its outrage. The same players who point out P2W and say FC lied will be the same ones posting about how they purchased items that got fixed and that they wasted their money on now ‘useless’ items.


This one will grow a bit on what @Taemien noted.
The illusion system is an excellent way to add new cosmetics without throwing any balance off. Same with DLC content, but going back and reworking DLC may be tricky for a number of minutae.
Instead of crafting a gear and then melting another one over it, we could simply craft the illusion desired and apply it… Or even select the look while crafting at the bench…

This one would like to see the crafting system improved upon, especially for armour, wherein one chooses which sub stat the set being created would boost, as well as what temperature it is good for.
That way, there is still the customization that the DLCs offer, but it is not pay gated.
Dual Stat boosts (other than Concussion/Follower Damage) should be the realm of specialized gear. Learned in the Vaults, Wine Cellar, Black Keep, from Journey Steps, ect.
Or on Legendaries.
Not on purchased cosmetics.

This one would like to take the opportunity to once again request that Starmetal tier Punching Daggers/Claws be added to the base game, rather than being timed paywall locked.


That’s because it’s a double wall basically two on top of each other, what should they do? give it the same HP as a normal wall? That would make it practically worthless and not worth using.

I knew this reply would come.

What happens when you destroy a norrmal wall below a normal wall?

Correct! The wall on top crumbles because of stability. So in order to destroy a double wall, you only need to deal 70k HP damage.

With the Arcane Reinforced Window wall you need to deal 140k HP damage to achieve the SAME.

And it’s more convenient to repair, because you do not need to repair 2 pieces, but only one. 1-2 swings of your repair hammer and it’s full HP again. If you abuse it in certain building locations, online raids can become impossible.

But I would not expect a PvE player to know this, let alone understand it and see the issue.


Why? So single walls is practically worthless and not worth using then since they have less hp? I guess you are correct, if you have a 140k hp option. But if it’s not free, it’s p2w. You dont need to be a rocket scientist to get that, or?

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Even if they would adjust the HP, this Arcane Reinforced Window wall would still not be cosmetic at all.

Because the base game has no single piece 2 height walls.


It’s a common strategy to get PvP “killer type” players to buy from the Bazaar as well. Introduce something OP only to have it nerfed/fixed later. Ofc there will be cries later, because that was the only reason they bought it.

Riot did the same in the past. Release heroes in a stronger state so people will hopefully spent that money to get the hero quickly and abuse it’s OPness until it gets adjusted.

Not necessary - if you’ve a ceiling/fence/anything else part of the structure above, that “holds” the wall piece above - it’ll stay.

Remember that stability isn’t only upside-down, but has relations (depending on the piece) also top-down and in the horizontal axis.


Don’t you get the point though?
Are you just arguing due to cognitive dissonance instead of acknowledging that there is an issue in all objectivity?

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That depends on stability. Being a builder I’ve destroyed bottom walls with out effecting the one above it quite often. If you think removing one wall is going to destroy the one above it, you’re building wrong. Sounds like it would be pretty easy to bring your place down.

Because we are builders and understand piece stability. Which apparently you don’t.

All the arcane pieces are free.

T2 stonebrick is base game and has the stacked arcane walls.

Buyer beware.


I checked that and unfortunately its not it only gives health :confused: that would however be a good set to make the equivalent :thinking: if they made it heavy :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends on the point of view, I guess.

From a “PvE / defend-against-purge” point of view?
It probably gives you advantage, as the higher levels of construction would rarely be damaged (depends on where you built, and where the attacker is standing - as if he’s throwing the kaboom-orbs from above - well, the area of affected pieces shifts accordingly).

From a PvP standpoint, where said wall would be bombarded with trebuchet balls (in theory - in practice we all know those PvP-ers just spam & grief each other with the explosive vases…) - twice the area for the same HP pool:

  • “yes, please” - for the attacked
  • “…why should I even use it?” for the defender

So, to sum it into “TLDR” - no, I don’t really see those points that you raised specifically as such a big issue.

That being said, I do feel like the difference between:

  • looted legendaries,
  • crafted - both “regular” (so, let’s say - star metal level), mission reward (case of the Telith’s weapons becoming “why bother?” tier) and Lemurian ones - axe specifically - being "Best in (crafted) slot)
  • crafted Siptah weapons - both the vault recipes, as well as (especially!) delving bench ones

are totally all over the place, and will need to be subject of some further reworking.

Especially the Siptah ones, being also “meh”, due to almost no difference in dmg/durability vs SM/“standard crafted” ones (…and taking significantly more time to farm the eldarium (25-45 bars & 10-15 mins per single vault, rng dependant, vs ~400 bars from a single meteorite - 2-5 minutes to find it, 30 sec to “open & farm” it). The Delving Bench ones, costing (with the garrison bench) 31 eldarium bars - and only RNGesus knows how many times 50s in the “research process” - vs “click here to unlock” & 8 (if I remember correct) bars, vs “go find me a meteorite at the tower, don’t forget an explosive orb/arrow - and get enough for 26.67 individual weapons”.

So, from that perspective - I find that more unbalanced (not in favour of “paid” - both with $, as Siptah was a paid DLC, as in time required for farm & craft it) vs the “vanilla items”.

Not Free, need to buy Battle Pass.

Not Free either, need to buy Battle Pass

And the specific pages of the whole set + the specific window being discussed.

Edit: And even if those were free rewards in the Battle Pass, you wouldn’t be able to acquire them now… Would go from “Pay to Win” to “You should have played 24/7 to Win” or something, anyway, you get the point.


The only point is that there is a difference between a paid item and a free one, besides the cosmetic aspect.
That’s all :harold:


You should give us a little more credit. Many PvPers have come from PvE backgrounds and still PvE because that is what most of the game entails. Many of us also love building and understand how to build.

I build in defence of raids. What I don’t do is buy a temporarily OP piece from a poorly done shop and abuse it. It may not seem like it has/had an impact on PvP but it certainly does in some meta build spots.