I feel dumb for buying crom coins

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So I bought crom coins…the reason i feel dumb is that we get better content for free from mods. The problem with mods is that for me at least they significantly reduce performance and cause lags so i thought if the battlepass provided good replacement for mod builds/weaps/armor then its something worth investing in. Alas, the battlepass/bazzar content is not and will probably never be replacement for mods.
To sum it up: The free content we get from mods is much better then the content we pay funcom for.



True but not everyone has access to mods consoles and pc players that prefer official servers


I paid for the first BP then funcom handed me the croms to keep buying them.


THIS…4th battlpass for me, the same $10 i spent 1 year ago, there has yet to be something in the bazaar thats made me do a Spongebob “I NEEEED ITTTTT” yet, and there probably wont be,im more of a “does it do something cool” over a “does it look cool” kinda guy, and they said there will be only cosmetics no actual “mechanics” available in bazaar so… meh

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Call me a fanboy: but I absolutely love the Vanir set.
I think of it this way: we are funding dev for the next seasons.


the new armour set in the bazzar is 100% pay to win,. bonus health and stamina with every piece

So how is that different from any other armor in game?

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Thats exactly the problem!! We fund them and they give us garbage!! They failed us many times already we shouldnt keep falling for the same prank over and over

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Shhhh be quiet about it, they might give us 1199 in the next bp just out of spite

No it’s not the kari (probably spelled wrong) offers both think the medium but after the thrall it’s should be same number have to look when I get off work but before the attributes rework it was 1 for both health and stamina and have not used it since then plus it has extra armor and durability

i appreciate your input, you are correct in half yes this set does offer the same attributes how ever, the set from the bazar offers a greater +amount to each value being +12stamina +28health making it still pay to win

Paranoid much?


You do get that is just 3 more heath then a few other armors, right?

Please do.

It’s not P2W any number of armors can have high stats you not knowing this is why you think it’s P2W.

But hey, you enjoy your bliss.

ETA: Khari armors are recipes from the wine cellar dungeon, not a bazaar item.

After doing some researcher

Khari is 420 base armor, Health +100, Stamina +10
a named/T4 armor can push those stats up. Still not P2W.

Clearly you’ve never heard the word “cosmetic” before…

Is a $5 USD pair of sandals technically the same as a $100USD pair of sandals?


Then why do people buy the 100 buck pair?

Because they like the LOOK of them…aka cosmetic.

You’re welcome for me explaining basic human behavior to you.

He isn’t following you.

He posts in every post, and acts toxic.

Context. As in all armors have bonuses, some have quite a few.

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The monetization is aimed squarely at console players and those who play on officials.
Even then, it specifically targets those who like to play dress up or build with fancy pieces.

Those who aren’t restricted as the former and included in the latter are not the money they seek.

The only exceptions this one can think of being the Theurgic Aegis armour which is very strong (health and followed bonuses in one set) and the Gibbet (non standard shape for a crafting station)

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I use 73 different mods on my servers and I still buy Crom Coins for things I want to buy (bought $100 worth already). Don’t feel if you spend money if you enjoy the product.

Yes, mods have a ton of nice things. Although I am using mods, I also try to donate to all the mod authors for their efforts who accept donations. I try to give back to those who created these wonderful additions to the game. I certainly do not have their talent in creating things in Unreal Engine.


Who :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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