I feel dumb for buying crom coins

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Would people say “its the same as you can craft” if they start releasing weapons in either the bazaar or the battle pass that have more damage and armor pen then current versions in the game too?

The other guy isnt wrong, if you pay crom coins and get armors with better stats then you can craft, it is 100% pay to win. Yes, mostly all armors in game offer stats or multiple stats, and so long as you can craft the equivalent of what you can buy with real money, there is no issues.

I do know what you are trying to say. If I can buy an armor I can craft that is better then armors in game I can unlock to craft, that is P2W. But the way it stands the best armors are unlockables.

Very possible. I havent crafted some of the newest stuff in a while, so I cant verify myself. But, I see where the other guy is coming from, and he does have a point if it was an accurate statement - and since we can still craft better stuff, no issues then.

again you are wrong for stamina and health the best armour you can get is now a pay to win item, dude if you play this game you should know better then this!! please show me one set of armour better then this bazar item thats offers both stamina and health at +12 & +28 therefore making your belidgerent argument valid if you can not do so the please kindly sit down and back up!!

there is nothing we can craft with better stats bonuses of the same type as the item we can purchase from the bazar :slight_smile: it is indeed pay to win. when stamina and health are meta even more so after the recent stam changes

But we do not have access to any mods unless server owner decices to use mods. So generally speaking you don’t need any paid content if you prefer single play, but you’d better have items from Funcom if you prefer to play online but don’t run your own dedicated server. Not speaking of discontinued mods. Alas, some mod authors stop playing CE and abandon their projects. Funcom items will remain ingame for the lifetime of this game.


Yes, but the minute a bazar set has better stats over an ingame set it can be technically defined as pay to win, no matter if it provides an knowlegdable advantage.

I personally do think that those armor stats do not have a great effect on the game anymore. The latest changes leave you with beeing able to kill everything while naked. And there is not much pvp going on in Conan anymore that you need to worry about such minor differences. Its simply poke and roll for both pve and pvp now.

I also think that Funcom is doing those higher stats on bazar things on purpose, so people buy into it. At some point later they then nerf it to a point where you can be happy to still have a usefull item.


Mostly this. I believe if you ask the plurality of the costumers if the decorations are expensive, i believe all of them will say yes.
Sometimes then some items are going out game breaking through all the years of dlcs and bazzar. Eventually they get reported and fixed.
That was always the “cycle” and i don’t see it changing ever if you ask me :man_shrugging:.

About mods and mod authors people must understand that we are speaking about “Free great work” that players-lovers of this game did, but first of all because Funcom allowed it.
Their work is heroic however because sometimes they don’t get data on time to react before the updates and they accept pressure and complains for their literally free content, by the users.
Then mod authors care mostly for their content to work. They don’t do calculations about the general performance of the game.
So official content must be paid and free content at least must be ONLY praised.

About ptw…
I can understand the borders some people like to use in this accusation!
But isn’t a pro gaming pc set pay to win?
Isn’t a magnificent expensive internet connection pay to win?
Isn’t a “third program” pay to win?
Small examples but only a few that i can name here that gamers are using to win. So i will speak no more about this.

All i see these years, compared to other online games i played, Conan exiles has no intentions at all to fix a pay to win content, but pay to decorate surely!

Closing this discussion with this example.
A player who took the game years ago from psn for free, could play until now and be competitive without paying a damn dime!
That says a lot if you ask me!

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The stuff in the Bazaar take the place of the old DLC packs, except they are broken up and priced seperately. As with the DLC, all of the items are cosmetic. They do not give you items better than core game stuff - except in look only.
If you buy the BattlePass, you get all of that back once you complete all the Challenges - therefore a once-off cost.
The vast amount of the Bazaar stuff is aimed more at players that want variety, or have been playing forever or have embraced PvE and Roleplay.
The latest Challenge rewards appear to include a lot more building items than past Seasons, which is a nice change.
BUT, no player is forced to spend anything. If anyone buys the BattlePass, and complete the Challenges to get the value back, then they are out of pocket same as if all of the new content was another DLC.
Of course the mods are ‘free stuff’ - and thank Crom Funcom have also embraced the Modding Community so well (so many games do not). Happily, the Devs include stuff inspired from mods so unmodded servers (like Official) also get to use pretty bling too - if they choose.


That is always the risk for Modders for any games, but Thankfully, the Modding Community are amazing and inventive and the ones that stick about, have huge numbers of subscribers and some are even brought in to help out with some dev and promotion works.
Some modders do leave, but our thanks goes with them. Real life challenges and choices always have that effect. Whilst my servers run, there will always be thralls and traders, merchants and monsters named after Modders and the like.


If this thing happens…
Then the mod author must be paid or become Funcom employee to be paid.

And that’s purely for Modders to feedback on I guess. My speculative impression is that there are Modders with apparent positive close ties to Funcom. Also, Funcom staff also regularly play the game (no surprise there). One of the biggest things I like in this game. Some of the Modders have been providing content since the start and their mods find excellent niches to fill. I think if the Modders stopped supporting the game I would likely move on as it would make my servers less unique.


I play Single-Player on PC, very much dress-a-dolly and build-your-own-Barbie-house game. But I don’t use a single mod that ads building pieces or costumes into the game.

What I buy from Funcom will be there to stay. I don’t need to worry about my stuff going poof or crashing my game is a modder decides to quit. and as they’re not paid employees, I don’t feel it’s my right to demand anything from them.

That said, yesterday’s FLS outage showed me that I cannot reliably enjoy the content bought from Funcom either, even on Single-Player, because the bought items require online authentication. This does make me question whether I should buy anything more from them, either. If they want to give us a choice of playing offline, then the paid content - something we’ve gone out of our way to purchase - should be available offline, too.


Oh i believe you. I have a ps4 and a ps5 in my home. I play many games in ps5 but not Conan exiles. If i’ll play Conan exiles on ps5 there’s no return. Right now the ps5 is my sons property :rofl:, it doesn’t matter who pays for it :wink:.
Surely my example is poor because in my case is just looks and performance, and mods is looks, tools and creativity, but i can totally understand!

We indeed have that choice - though I am with you re the DLCs and the Core game I have paid for. Although, I do have at least one really old game in Steam that had the company go out of business and ‘poof’, game no longer works. I miss Sword Coast Legends :face_in_clouds:

Well, yeah - but if Conan Exiles disappears, the mods won’t do me any good either. That’s my logic for not preferring them over official content

Meh. I’ll go down with the ship oif it came to that :slight_smile:
And the mods I use on my servers have pretty much been supported throughout (but if that changes I may start some evil retributions that may include demon-summoning)

At this point i wish i didn’t fund Age of War but i just had to have expansions for Stormglass and Turanian sets. :pensive:

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If that’s the case then your are absolutely correct it is pay to win. We know Funcom said it wouldn’t be, but with their track record of missing simple things I’m not surprised.

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