Battle pass page inaccessible


I was able to purchase the battle pass but ever since then I am unable to access the battle pass page to collect any rewards. The page just freezes(crashes) anytime I try to access it and I have to restart the game. It’s really glitchy in general and crashes a lot but the battle pass page crashes immediately.


Hello @Briana_Blaze,

Could you please poke our team over on the HelpCentre so they can investigate your account and see what is going on?

You can contact them here:

Thank you in advance :smile:

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Welcome exile @Briana_Blaze.
Unfortunately on ps4 we can access the battle pass or the bazzar from the arrow fast menu. If we try to access them from the main menu then the crash is almost certain :frowning:.
I really wish this will work for you. If you didn’t understand (my English are bad, sorry) then i can send you photo explanation how to do it.
Welcome again exile!


Please do explain, I don’t know how else to access the battle pass or bazaar

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I have and no one’s gotten back with me


I’m sorry to hear that.

Could you please share your request Number so I can poke my colleagues over at Zendesk to give it a look?

If you prefer you can PM me this information :smile:

I’ll await your response!

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So you press the left arrow of your controller

And it will lead you to this fast menu

Now use your analog to choose what you wish to visit and press X.

If you finish exit with the O button.

Visiting your bp, bazaar or challenges this way you’ll never have issues.

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Is that the number at the top or bottom of the email?

Ah yes that, well it still opens the battle pass page though, which instantly crashes

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Related but non-related question. Are you on a PS4? If so, do you have Boost Mode on? It’s in the settings although I forget exactly where.

The other test to try is to get out of your main base, and go directly to the Battle Pass WITHOUT passing through the Bazaar. I used to crash when I was in an area with lots of player builds/activties when I used the left trigger to scroll through the Bazaar first.

Now, I use the left arrow and go to the 4 o’clock position into the Battle Pass.

I am on ps4 and no I’m not using boost mode , the battle pass page crashes no matter how I try to access it.

How reliable is your network connection? You could have issues if it’s fickle as it has to connect to PSN(?) for the claimed items to register, and if you had network connectivity upon entry to the game, but it goes out to lunch later on, you are going to get exactly that problem (restart of the game required).
Here at my home it helped to reset hostapd (somehow the module handling the wireless NIC on the server crashed and caused hostapd to randomly drop connections) on the Wifi gateway, but upstream (i. e. the outbound connection from your router) could be a problem as well.

If the network is stable, I’m not experiencing any issues with the Battle Pass no matter how I’m accessing that page.

We actually have two ps4s and the other one runs the game just fine, but it constantly crashes on mine in chapter 3, this didn’t happen for chapter one or two