Battle Standards not working on PVE-C server

Game mode: [Online private | multiplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [EU]

Since the latest update on PC, the Battle Standards flags are no longer working.
They are still mentioning if someone entered in a ‘PvP Enabled Area’ but players can’t damage each other.

We tried:

  1. leave and re-enter the area (with different clans)
  2. put down the flag again
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The same thing is happening on a private, dedicated PvE server and started after the last emergency patch. Prior to that, we were holding PvP events and can no longer do that.



Edited PS: no mods

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There are known issues with the battle standard, it has been reported several times. Hopefully they fix it soon!

If you are playing SP I strongly advise against attempting to use the battle standard;

Good luck!

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Good links, Lord, thank you. I did notice a pattern, though, all are non-PC, and this is the first post I have seen specifically noted on the PC platform (thanks, @Hysteria). If other PC-based peeps could chime in (read: test) to broaden the search it may help narrow down the source of the problem.

We also have done extensive tests. The bug is:

  • Location independent
  • Clan independent, in or out does not matter
  • Modless
  • Completely reproducible
  • Independent of Battle Standard age; stored pre-update/newly crafted

Our weekly PvP event is now peeps vs. bosses and maze running. Still fun, lots of laughs and comradery, just lacking a PvP champ.



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Testlive might have this resolved:


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