Battle Standards on PVE

Hey all, I just changed my server from pvp to pve and placed battle standards down. We enter the area say yes we would like to pvp, but it doesn’t seem to work. Am I doing something wrong or is this just not working?

Thank you for the reply. We have chosen yes when prompted, however when we swing at each other it is like we all have the “God” mode on. No damage is done I should say it’s as if the flags themselves aren’t working and we are all in PVE.

It could be a setting saving issue with your server. Since you said you changed the setting from PVP to PVE it sounds like you either rent a server or you are playing solo. If that is the case you will need to restart the server or solo game to get the setting to stick.

On official servers the battle standard is functioning as intended.

Keep in mind both players must choose yes to participate otherwise the function will not work. If one person says no and the other says yes it will not allow any PVP action from either player.

Did you only switch from pvp to pve because of battle standards?

I suggest that battle standards on pvp toggle how loot drops work. In other words, it could be set so others can’t loot upon death within the area. On pvp servers that would give more reason to battle each other. I mean it could be considered polite to set it down instead of raising weapons in show of an act of war/winner takes all.

Anyways, welcome!

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