Battle Standard Question

I just build a fancy new arena with a floor, walls, and decorations. First, I planted the banner on bare ground just to get the measurements, then I took down the banner and built the arena. But when I was all done and again set out my battle standard, it doesn’t give the PvP options. So the question is, do battle standards only work on bare ground? Won’t they work inside a building?

EDIT: Placed a battle standard on bare ground, just to see it it worked. It didn’t. Now I’m beginning to think that battle standards are broken. Can anyone confirm?

Seems weird o.o I made a small sparring area on the server I’m on, and we had quite a couple deathmatches just to test it out… Worked perfectly. This was on an 8x8, perfectly fitted with fencing around it, of foundations. Completely void of any decorations, since I couldn’t place any after placing the banner down.
Sadly(In a sense) can’t confirm what you’re experiencing, but can confirm that they at least have worked at one point.

What happens when you die? Respawn in bed? With your stuff? Respawn in the arena?

Did you by any chance click never ask again after placing the first banner? Check your settings or restart the client. The pop up should appear as long as you havent opted out of participating.

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By ones bed, or bedroll. Depending on ones choice. You die as you normally would. Losing ones stuff, I don’t know about, because I’m on a private one and we don’t lose our stuff upon death. I imagine you would if that setting wasn’t where it is for us, though.

The Battle Standards Banner looks really cool, and I would like to be able to place a couple around my home for decorations, without turning my base into a no building zone. Essentially I want one which will just function as an ordinary placeable. Is there currently any way to achieve this? Anyone?

@Fortyniners, any chance you are on a PVE-C server and placed the banner during PvP time? I don’t believe you will get the pop-up during PvP hours.

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Just test on an open area with sandstone. See if you can pick it up after you place it. And then build and place it back. those type of things.

Doh!! That’s the problem. I am on a PVE-C and placed it during PvP hours. Thanks for the help.

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