Some Battle Standard Questions

The Battle Standard flag is a safe option for PvP, meaning you don’t lose your stuff during a fight.
But I have some questions:
1: Does your body respawn nearby?
2: Does this work with NPCs?

  1. You get the same respawn options you would when you die normally. Desert, Bed, Bedroll.
  2. If you are killed in the battle standard by anything other then another player you drop your loot.

Thralls also do not activate in the battle standard zone.

Here is a video with some important Battle Standard info.



I think your number 2 either reads wrong to me or you’re mistaken.

If you die by the hands of another player you will spawn with all your loot.

If an NPC or Monster kills you inside the battle standard you will drop your loot.


Yeah, I was wondering if non playable characters would make you drop your loot in the flag radius.

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I see the sentence your referencing. I don’t think you’re reading it or quoting it wrong. You now have me thinking that I need to test more.

I have tested being killed by the king scorpion in the battle standard and you do drop your loot in that case. I figured it would be the same for NPC’s and smaller animals.

I’ll test it tonight. We’ll see if I’m wrong or if the info is. :wink:


So good news bad news. We are both right. LoL

Allow me to explain.

  1. Currently in live if you are killed by an NPC or animal in the battle standard with PVP selected as enabled you spawn back at your base with your loot.

  2. In testlive if you are killed in the battle standard with PVP enabled you drop your loot.

Likely this change was made so that you couldn’t use the battle standard to farm legendary bosses without worry about recovering your items on death. As well as maybe bring NPC’s out of their camps to the battle standard for the same reason.

Thinking in terms of how difficult certain areas are such as the Volcano or Mounds of the Dead I can see why they would change this.

There is one additional reason for the change that I cannot discuss in the forums as it is deemed an exploit.

All in all I think the change that happens when testlive launches is a positive one and should have been that way from the beginning.

Lastly I was only able to test this in a solo game for testlive. I tested on official on PS4 for the live edition of the info above on an official server.

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