Please hotfix Battleflag/Banner

The battleflag(pvp) is being used on PVE as an obelisk.

The ones it using don’t realise it makes the “world” so much smaller and takes away the fun of the new map.

Can you think of a way to “fix” it without taking away its original purpose, which is to give PVE players a way to have consensual PVP bouts without hassle and danger? If not, then don’t “fix” it.

Having the Battle Standard in the game is worth it, because it gives PVE-only players no reason to go to PVE-C servers and then complain when they get killed.


This seems like a non-issue.


But why do you care? It is a PvE server.


I don’t think this behavior is broken or needs to be “fixed.”


As far as i remember you can decline the PVP mode if you get nearby one of them, so what’s the problem? people placing lots of them?

You don’t drop your items when you die and can respawn at your bed, bedroll or any respawn point.

Essentially, it can act like a fast travel network if enough players but one down at their base.

I don’t personally see a problem with this. Don’t use it if you don’t like it.


It is being used as what you say, takes out the survival in survival…


Huh you can tp using these flags?

In PVE, when you die, you keep your stuff with you. So you can just get your buddy to kill you and send you to your bed or bedroll or one of the n00b areas. Honestly, this is a giant nothingburger. If you want to die to teleport, there’s any number of ways to do it.

Private server? On official you lose your stuff in PvE when you die, and gotta retrieve it.

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I’ll have to check as they may have changed the behavior since the battle standard was released, but if you died while in the aoe of a battle standard you did not drop your gear on death. Also, you do not have to be killed by a friend. You can just pull your bracelet.

You’re correct. You have to be in the PVP area to keep your stuff. Anyone can try it.

What is the horizontal and vertical range of the battle standard if anyone knows?

Um. No.

This is just another person trying to enforce their version of “fun” on somebody else who doesn’t want it.


I didn’t know you could kill yourself in the PvP battleflag area and teleport to your nearest bed roll without losing anything by taking off your bracelet.

However, do you lose sigils doing this? That is a pretty big consideration.

Also, why do we even have the bracelet on the island of Siptah? I guess they could have put it on you before you boarded the ship, but still…

Yes, death is death topic owner does not realise consequences of using this battle standart… He said it like this is some kind of bug but its normal , why?

  1. U can travel only to bedroll/bed
  2. U can save 6 hours running from one map side to other as on siptah has no obelisks ( autor in that case could even write to take off obelisks in exiles :smiley: )
  3. U loose stuff just like on normal death, except inventory stuff , this means u loose SIGILS
  4. Any follower will stop follow u so u probably lose thrall or horse or rhino or whatever
  5. In PVE battle standarts are used this from even beginning, who does not know this?

Also its more likely someone are jealous, looks like PVP player dont like PVE gamestyle…

I also see no problem of with battle standart works, its more like he wants that player loose items in pve when in battle standart, so he can loot them afterwards :DDD no way if that hapends nobody will ever use battlestandart in PVE…

___ EDIT LINE ____

I thinked about it, what will happend if that standart make u loose items on death, imagine this topic autor for example then will place somewhere standart and wait for player who goes accidentaly on standart in PVE, then he loots corpse, and run away from standart… is this what u want? :smiley:

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Place one foundation outside vault, place battlebanner, do vault, die… teleport outside with nothing lost, rinse repeat.

Are you saying that the Battle Standard extends its effect to the interior of the vault? Have you actually tested this or is it conjecture?

If that works, it’s much more serious than using the Battle Standard for fast travel and it needs to be reported as a bug ASAP.