Battle Standard Deaths Should Prevent Sigil Loss

My buddy and I got around to PvPing with the Battle Standard (we’re on a PvE server) and I noticed even though with battle standard deaths you do not drop your items/gear, you still lose sigils when you die.

I would like to suggest that deaths while under the Battle Standard’s effect prevent you from losing sigils, that way players do not need to farm all the vaults again just to have some PvP fun when breaking away from the PvE stuff.

Battle Standards were a great addition for those of us who like to play on PvE and don’t care for base raiding but still would like some arena fighting fun. Losing sigils hinders this and a lot of players understandably don’t want to participate because of this sigil loss.


I don’t believe sigils should be lost on death at all and the fiend sigil which stops sigils from being lost on death should be changed to make warpaint persist through death.

Too many bugs in this game that require you to pull your bracelet to fix them and to lose sigils everytime because of that is insane.


I agree. I just figured their philosophy was on the PvP side of things losing sigils from dying was part of the balance, but obviously you can still die in PvE normally and also like you said there are times when you have to remove your bracelet because the game bugged out, which is a pain. I just figured the battle standard would be a compromise because realistically it was only introduced for us PvE players who want to dabble but not go on PvP servers with all their issues to deal with, so this wouldn’t affect the PvP game at all.

Have to agree, something like this would be a very welcome QoL upgrade. When I die under a battle standard with sigils applied, I don’t feel inspired to spend an hour farming the fiend vault just so I can get in 3-4 more matches. This issue is also especially relevant to PVE-C where you’re only making yourself an easy target during PVP by not running with sigils, but in doing so you effectively lock yourself out of battle standard fights unless you can afford to grind out fiend sigils all the time. Would be nice for sigils to:

A) be kept on death when flagged for PVP by a battle standard

B) be returned to inventory on death when flagged for PVP by a battle standard

or C) be removed by the player, perhaps by means of a consumable (like sloughing fluid with warpaints) or similarly to armour.

Not saying these are the only options, of course, but they’re a start. Personally I would lean towards option A, as it seems the least exploitable and like the simplest solution. But perhaps there are other reasons why that might not be viable.

Here’s hoping this reaches the devs, and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who feels this way

Then what point is of vaults anymore, the only way that should be fixed so far is

  • Fix sigil loss on server transfer
  • Battle standart should not take sigils

thats all… otherwise run one time vaults and never return to them…

Battle standards are heavily used to death teleport home. Losing sigils discourages that. A good compromise would be a server toggle to retain sigils in general on death just like dropping loot. That way a server can have a customized experience.

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Totally agree. I fell in love with the sigils while playing Siptah, but when I came over to EL and there were no sigils, I said “well skrew that! Why should Siptah have all the fun?” and decided er’body get free sigils. That way we’re all on the same playing field, no one has to transfer back to Siptah to get 'em, no worries abiut having enough Fiend sigils, etc.

I had no idea that sigil loss happened in a PVP arena (on PVE). Glad I saw this post. Might have to set up a dude to give out them sigils at the arena enterence…when we get it built lol

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I really like the idea of @Aramis, but at the same time, pvp flags in pve are teleport stones. I believe that if you want to pvp with your friend, you can always do it without sigils.
However we should not talk more about it because I fear the day this feature will be modified.

Funcom thank you for the pvp flags, please leave it as it is, but if it’s not a problem, we would love not to loose sigils. Thanks again.


I don’t think it would be changed as PVE is an experience driven by the player, so if people want some shortcuts that dont affect other’s play experience, its not a problem. A server toggle like drop on death (or just lump sigils into drop on death) would work.

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Ive actually setup arenas in the past that had the sigils in a loot chest for people to fight over with an egress that opened on a timer.

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:rofl: That is awesome

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