Sigils loosing/looting

Well afaik, because i just tested it if you die having a sigils after completion of 14! vaults you loose 9 of them, 4 are entirely lost and 5 are obviously stolen in PvP.
Which is in my belief a waaay far too far unproportionate punishment. Like a whole day playing to collect them to loose them all in 30 seconds for example?

Actually i know the player who in fact abandonded the game allready as the consequence of the severeness of random encounters (solely for this reason). In spite of my belief that it’s allright if players are somewhat punished for their mistakes it seems to be beyond the red line.

I mean that the pvpc on IoS seems to be is even more encouraged than in the so called “barbaric savage and brutal exiled lands” and it’s likely to be hated because of it because alot of players like to mix their playstyles with PvE and PvP.

In the world where the PvP is that much encouraged that you just start killing player on sight because you know that he will kill you if you don’t kill him (like the rust), it’s even more impossible to mix playstyles or roleplay with common sense.

Why don’t you go and play on a different server than? - You may ask. The short answer is: I CAN’T !
I know it perfectly because i run the server and the only option i have is to make the pvpc painfully severe or not encouraged at all (besides killing players while not having any sigils on just to make them mad). Because we: the servers’ admins: we can do nothing to balance the risk/reward :man_shrugging: we are almost out of ways to adjust it to mixed playstyle servers or roleplay :man_shrugging:

The solution:
The fastest solution is just making player to loose 1 sigil on death and make him to not drop the sigils at all. But the best solution IMO is to add the setting to adjust it.

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