Sigil losing in PVP arena.. WHY?

Sooooo… some of us realy enjoy fight in a controled arena with a few friends…
so for what possible reason did you(FUNCOM) decide it is a good idea to make the players lose sigils when dying in a PVP arena?? im not going to do 3 dungeons to find 1 sigil(because the rest of the chests are empty) and then lose that sigil in a friendly arena fight against my friends…

please think about this.


because pvp shouldnt be balanced around a controlled environment with you and your friends? o_O

Pretty sure he’s not asking for that. Sounds like he wants to be able to use the arena PvP banners, which already allow you to respawn with all of your gear, without losing sigils. Seems reasonable to me.


I cannot see any sense in losing the sigils on death in an explicit combat arena in PvE. Shouldn´t this be an exception?

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I did say “controled arena” and “PVP arena” and “friendly arena”

anybody with a little idea of conan mechanics would instantly know that I am indeed talking about the battle standard banners that enable one to do pvp outside of pvp hours when playing on a PVE-C server or PVE server…

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Hey mate. I’d rather tag this thread as bug or feedback instead of off-topic, since I cant imagine this behaviour is working as intended.

I agree though that the implementation right now is flawed, as loosing your PVE sigils in arena duels makes arena PVP unreasonable. There is no point in a friendly match if I loose progress I made in PVE.

Funcom, pls fix. :slight_smile:

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