Friendly battlestandard fight makes you lose sigils?

I had a friendly fight with a dude using the battlestandard flag, I killed him, but while keeping his gear after dying he lost his sigils… Is this supposed to happen?

on Player Death, playerobj, datalist
if BattleStandardFlag = false then
// do nothing
end if

I can understand that code, so he either lied or it bugged somehow :slight_smile:
Maybe I could test it in singleplayer and remove bracelet near a battlestandard to see if the sigils stay :slight_smile:

I went into singleplayer, spawned in and added 5 random sigils, removed bracelet at battlestandard, after respawning everything was intact, armor, hotbar items and inventory, but 3 of the sigils disappeared from stats, so it seems that he is right when he said that he lost sigils from losing a fight in battlestandard.

Sorry I was just joking and being silly. Not sure what the design intent is. You would think that a friendly fight should not result in a sigil loss. You can farm the Fiends Vault for sigils and stack a bunch up in a chest. They will protect you from losing other sigils. Might be a good use for them now since they no longer work on thralls or pets.

lol, good one :rofl:
I never touched the devkit, so to me your code looked legit :grin:

Yeah I suppose people could farm the fiend for sigils so that you only lose that one, but in my opinion it is a bad solution for pve battlestandard fights on Siptah, this really should be fixed :slight_smile:

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The below text is a copy from Multigun’s recap of 2.3 update found here:

On player death, there is a chance that a Sigil in the player’s inventory will drop, a chance it will be destroyed all together, or a chance the player keeps it.

The “Fiend Sigil” that Dennis talks in the stream is always destroyed on Death, but it fully protects all other equipped Sigils.

So it is random what happens, you can lose a few or most of them unless you have the fiend sigil then you will lose only that one :slight_smile:

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