Isle of Siptah Sigil Losing Bug


If you ever died in new map, you probably realize that we lose our sigils. I found this issue that sometimes when you die, you lose 4 sigil at the same time! I found this ridiculously abnormal. I had all the 14 sigils and the game damage bugged out I died from 3 bob cats (lynx) attack while have over 1000 armor ! Guess what, I lost 4 sigil at the same time! Before this issue I lost maximum 2 before. And I understand losing 2 sigil can make the difficulties up high while you have more than 7 sigils. But 4 is too much ! Especially it is common to die from bugs such as climbing bugs etc. I feel like that should be limited, it is really annoying to lost that much sigil same time because of a common bug.

How do you tell that you have gained or lost them… I have “used” 4… have no idea of the effect; what it does or how to tell which I have or missing other than using a wiki to see the associated dungeon list.

Check your Stats.

  1. Open Inventory
  2. Go to Stats tab
  3. Left column lists where your buffs are listed. On top will be Sigils (then regeneration and so forth).

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On death, you lose a percentage of sigils permanently and they need to be reacquired by going to their vaults.
Each Sigil gives you some significant combat advantages to a specific enemy type that spawns within the Maelstrom.

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