Learned Sigils Disappear

I have twice now had 3 sigils learned, then after dying, one sigil has remained learned, one gets returned to my inventory, and one is just gone completely. These are also on the most part different sigils the second time to the first as I just carried on exploring different dungeons!

This is intended afaik. % of the sigils get destroyed upon death.

We’ve had the same thing, we are now just putting them in a chest till we need to fight in the Maelstrom. Having to do each vault 4 times to get a sigil for each of us and then losing them on death is just making it more of a grind than it needs to be IMO.


playing on official server here. Cant say ive experienced loosing more than 2 on death. seems to be a litle random cause ive lost none too

Go to stats it shows which sigil you have, it does not name but but I am sure you can big brain and figure out by the symbol.

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