Sigils, feats bug

When you learn a new sigil it will state you have learned it but you check under your status and you do not have the sigil.
If you right click anything in the chest you dont learn it found out just now the sigil just destroys itself

Some work some dont, also some scrolls state you have learned a new feat but the feat does not show up
Dragons Breath is one i learned last night but i dont have any such feat, Also fragments are not granting 12 points they state you get the points but you dont get them.

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I found that the listing of Sigils learned is in the same place as your buffs. On my character, it listed all the sigils I learned and then under it was listed my regeneration rate. (left side of screen when looking at Stats (I think it was Stats)).

The Vault in the north (Outsiders) did not spawn a sigil for me (the chest was empty on single player), but all the other vaults worked.

Upon a drowning death, five of the sigils respawn in my inventory. Which was kind of weird, but okay. Their “buff” was removed from my Stats (grayed out). Some sigil buffs remained, but not all of them. Some were grayed out and did not respawn in my inventory. I don’t understand sigils right now.

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When you die a % of your sigils drop (or spawn in your inventory if you have drop on death disabled), a % stay and a % is destroyed. It used to be 1/3 but I don’t know the current rates for sure.

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No one knows what this sigies do. Most likely totally broken

Would be interesting if a sigil used on a character increases the vaults from “normal” to “hardcore” mode for tougher challenges and better loot drops.

That way, a sigil is optional. Players wouldn’t have to do really hard vaults, but could if they’ve done that one already.

The question would be then: Since vaults are open to everyone, what happens if one person has that sigil and another person doesn’t? So I would recommend that the vault is set to whoever opens the door. And if someone comes along in a few minutes later, they would enter the ‘other person’s’ setting. It could reset once no one was in the vault.

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