Battlepass and Bazaar items not available when the store is down

Any items in your inventory, chests or building pieces that are either from the Bazaar or the Battlepass are not available whenever the servers have a hiccup and are not available.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Purchase anything from the Bazaar, or the Battlepass.
  2. Wait for store servers to have problems.
  3. Notice that you can’t use items you bought.

I do realize why this happens, but you need to figure out a different way to prevent people from hacking these items to give to themselves and avoid making purchases. This is the equivalent of the cashier at walmart coming to your house and taking the milk back because the register broke.

Servers won’t have 100% uptime, and no system is ever going to work perfectly, so designing a user facing mechanic as if that was the case is sub-optimal, especially when it’s directly related to payments.

P.S, no bug tags for Battle Pass, Bazaar, or Purchases.


I just noticed this, because now I have to make another arcane staff simply because funcom says I can’t use the one I payed for right now. Great thing to find out at the end of a long, bad day, when the games I play are supposed to be relieving stress, not adding more problems


Yeah had the whole armor from Battle pass unequipped and cannot equip it back because of this >_<

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I just want to add, me and my GF had the same problem since the Bazaar/Battlepass problem last week. We paid for it, and the challenges and the access to the armors and stuff we bought are unavailable. sometimes, its become available again… its kind of frustrating to get naked in the middle of a fight. Why not making this sfuff available like the old DLCs?

Its very expansive for us, here. We pay for it and we cannot use what we paid for. We love this game, and the work of the dev team is awesome, but theses bugs, related to the connection to twitch and to the store server is annoying.

More steps to reproduce, maybe it will help : We connect in the morning, and we disconnect for eating or something else many times in the day, and when we reconnect, often the battlepass and challenges are unavailable, also, we do not have access to the items related to them.

Thank you, Zerkish for letting Funcom knows about this, I hope our comment will push Funcom foward to find a solution as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Got the same thing myself. Started up and noticed half my armor was unequipped, tried equipping it and was given a your not entitled to this item on each. Both had cosmetics I unlocked from the battlepass so I went to that tab, battle pass, challenges and Bazaar all failed to load. Relogged and the Battlepass and challenges loaded but not the Bazaar but still getting the not entitled to this item error. Bloody great so if my net or your site even wobbles all unlocked or bought items are unusable? Great idea Funcom.


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