Bazaar Item: Aesir Fortification Building Set

The new Aesir Fortification Building Set is nice. But it is not nearly as detailed as the Aesir Blacksmith bench nor does it feel that it fits in with that theme. In particular the wood coloring and texture is not similar to the Aesir Blacksmith bench.

That said, the Fortification Walls are 80k HP (like normal walls) and 3 walls tall. You can add crenelated walls, walls, fences etc to the top of the Fortification Walls. Also, you can have ceiling tiles snap to the inside of the Fortification Walls but not outside the walls. The Fortification Walls can not be placed on top of foundations (CORRECTION: The hotfix now allows stacking of Fortification Walls on top of Foundations, HOWEVER the Curved Fortification Wall will only snap to the ground.). They can stand on their own or snap to the side of a foundation. The Fortification Walls are slightly sloped and there is no issue with climbing them. I would recommend that the Fortification Walls have 100k HP instead of 80k. So if you plan to use these walls for PVP, they make a nice outer wall protection (first layer of defense) to your base’s main walls.

The Aesir Foundation has some nice Aesir decorations on two sides of the foundation. You will need to rotation the foundation if you want to see it. Which is difficult to see which face of the foundation is towards you.

The Aesir Gate Frame might be the best thing about this set. For me, it was far easier to snap this gate frame to the foundations than the others that require you to look in all sorts of angles to get it to snap in where you want. I will likely use the Aesir Gate Frame then replace it with another frame when I’m having trouble. The Aesir Gate Frame also have some nice Aesir decorations on the one side along the outer frame.

The Aesir Wall Curved and Aesir Curved Fence are a bit tricky to snap on to the foundation like the new Turian set. The Aesir Curved Fence and the Aesir Fence are NOT anti-climb. So, you will want to use something else for that. In regard to the Aesir Fence, it was the only piece I could not “copy” from my construction hammer, I had to go into the menu to select it.

The Aesir Support Frame, you can place a fence piece within the frame to make a large window.

The other pieces all work and nothing remarkable about them that I can find.

Overall, it’s a nice addition.



Looks like it’s not the entire set. If you check pieces via admin, there’s also an Aesir Timber piece

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I see that…Aesir Timber Fence. I can not access it from Admin…I get the Failed Spawning message.

Good catch.


I’m excited to get home from work and check this out! I have a lot of Aesir crafters and fighter thralls from the Frost Giant and Yeti Purge, so I may need to do some serious redesigning :smiley:



According the the above conversation, the new Aesir kit in the bazaar does not include the the Aesir Timber Fence piece. After reviewing the wiki that lists the bazaar content, I am curious if this Aesir Timber Fence was overlooked and should have been included into the pack or if there is a planned release of this particular item later. The only reason I am asking is because, from my perspective, this piece makes sense to be part of the set that was accidentally excluded and I don’t see it meshing well with any other part of the bazaar. If it is in error that it was excluded, would this be retroactively given when the error resolves?

-An inquiring customer that is actively looking at this set with great interest.


3 or 4? Gates are usually 4 high and the thumbnails on the wiki suggests 4 high as well.


The bottom of the Fortification Wall act as a foundation to itself.

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huh…so it’s 4 high but since it side attaches to the foundation, it is only 3 functionally.

So does this mean the gate is higher than the wall or is this a gate that is only 3 high?

The Aesir Timber Fence uses the same icon/image as the Aesir Fence. I think it’s a carry over from a creator’s work in progress. Otherwise, I have no idea what other function/role this piece has in the set.


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The Gate is 4 walls tall.

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ew. Is there anyway you can stack foundations and then side attach the wall on the second foundation?

Now looking at both the Forticiation Wall and the gate…it seems odd the Fortification Wall isn’t 4 walls tall to be leveled with the Gate.


Would be nice if one of the content creators posted a video showcasing this set. After the Lost Dungeon, I’m not willing to buy another pig in a poke.


I know right?

@Pixelcave , @Wak4863 @Eradicati0n


I can now stack the Fortification Wall on top of the Foundation. The patch notes mentioned a fix to teh Aesir set.


So the gate should be placed on the back of the foundation (vs front or middle) so the tops of the walls and the gate are in line.

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I’ve placed a Fortification Wall on top of a Founation with teh Gate Frame on the backside of the Foundation. Now it’s 4 walls tall. :smiley:


That looks so much better.

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