Bazaar items disappointing for lacking interaction

I just bought the bathhouse set and i have to say…

Why aren’t the items interactive. You could at least make the bath a kind of chair so it looks like your using it. How hard would that be. The wash Basin does nothing and I couldn’t find the Latrine in the build hammer but my guess it that isn’t edged a chair.

If you’re going to sell these things at inflated prices (given what DLC used to be worth) can they at least be a little useful other than just not clutter around the base. There are plenty of mods out there that have animations with bath tubs and other interactions for role play.

Is it just that they are churning this stuff out at minimal cost.

I should also say that, as usual, the art team is great at their job. Everything looks great. I’m just saddened by the lack of a little effort to finish off the pieces and make their work that much better for the price of admission.


A bathing emote with the scrub would be a nice addition. You can go inside the bathtub.


No one can.
Seems they forgot to install it.

Agreed that, at the price point, it should come with a bit more. While lovely items, the throne of relief better be able to be sat upon, and an emote or two should have been included. Such as wash face and sit back and relax, the hot tub posture as it were.

Mind you, having an actual emote for using the latrine, while nice, would invariably used for PvP or other direct Player interactions in ways that likely would change the rating of the game…

Is the bath water drinkable?
Does it count as well?


No and no. It’s all just very disappointing eye candy. You can go inside the bath but what’s the point? Sit on the floor emote? I’m afraid emotes don’t really cut it for me. You should just be able to press “e” and get in.

You’re right about latrine emote, it would just be used in a stupid fashion.

As I said, for the price point, your would think it would be a good opportunity to replace some mods content since they like doing that but nope.


No, it isn’t. It doesn’t count as a well. If it did ppl would accuse them of p2w. That’s why we can’t have nice things!

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A bit more :face_with_raised_eyebrow: The tub should come with a thrall station to scrub your back.
This would remove corruption like a dancer.

The latrine emote should be armor down scroll in hand reading. A set emote bound to the latrine.


2000 Crom coin, in chapter 3 ?

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Basin from Riddle of Steel DLC (refreshing pool) is drinkable… as i remember right

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Yes, all fountains are if I’m not mistaken. But things were more peaceful back then. :smile:

Already marked down the day out went on sale mate. Not sure how.

I wish the whole Bazaar thing worked better and for a fairer price. It’s been poorly implemented and poverty priced which is a shame for the good work the art team does and how is supposed to help suppport the game going forward.

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im sure theyll sell a bathe emote in the future. lol

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