Bazaar Items purchased not usable after logging out and logging back in!

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Bazaar
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Cowboys Exiles
Mods: None

Purchased some items using Crom coins the other day. Was able to see them and use them. Logged out and when I got back on it now says I’m not able to use those items or I don’t have access! Though I have purchased them. It’s acting like I hadn’t purchased them, though in the bazaar it shows I own it.

Tried using the items I purchased in the bazaar days ago only for them to not be usable and doesnt even show up in my crafting menu since logging out and back in.


Welcome to the forum Aurilious

Maybe you could message some customer support members directly, like @RitualGround or @HighSaint ,since there is no option via the launcher or ingame to reach funcom regarding Black Lotus Bazaar or Battlepass issues.

Include your funcom ID in the message (don’t post it in the public forums)
Maybe this issue will disappear tomorrow or you are eligible for a refund? Hope it can be resolved. :+1:

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