Bazzar: Aesir Wolves feedback. Beautiful, but

Both Aesir Wolf skins have messed up blood spatter textures
“Greater Aesir Wolf” is physically bigger than the no skin Greater Wolf, for the worse

Their “blood” splatter texture is out of wack. This is only minor.

The real issue is how damn big they are:

“Greater” Aesir Wolf

“Regular” Aesir Wolf

Greater Wolf

Right, so what we’re looking at here is the size of the physical space around the wolves that we cannot pass through. Said space is on the inside of the red circle.

The “Regular” Aesir Wolf and the Greater Wolf both take up the same space, just under a foundation in diameter, despite being made from the “Wolf” and “Greater Wolf” pet respectively (which are different sizes).

The “Greater” Aesir Wolf" takes up a bit more than a foundation in diameter, despite being made from the “Greater Wolf”, which takes up less space.

This looks inconsequential, but trust me, it isn’t. This a sizeable amount of space you’re unable to walk past around the Greater variant compared to the Regular one.

This also doesn’t sound like a problem, until you realise you just paid money for an inferior pet with a beautiful skin. In combat, its going to get in the way much more, and out of combat its gonna be even more of a pain the ass to navigate around then the “no skin” Greater Wolf.

In summary, the skin itself in beautify, the designers have done an awesome job. Both versions of the Aesir Wolves however should maintain the same physical size as their “no skin” counterparts. A visual only size difference is perfectly fine.

Personally i think it deserves a saddle for the size it is. That would cover the negative of the size IMHO.


Agreed, but I doubt it’d happen. It’d literally be a DLC exclusive mount type, that could likely fight to boot. People would scream pay to win.

Nah…just have it so that it doesn’t attack while you are riding it and acts only as a mount but when you get off it, you get the fighter pet. It’s actually worse than having a horse and a pet follower because of this…but those of us that would like to see this wouldn’t mind this change

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