Bazzar Emote pack gives you armor that was meant for another pack

Im not sure you intended this since it was shown on the chapter 3 bazzar but I got the set cultist robes from purchasing the set emote pack. now if that was intentional then awesome! I really like the armor set and don’t really want to pay extra for it, but from the chapter 3 live stream you had an armor bundle so I’m assuming it was not meant to be added into the emote pack.

Hello there @WOD94 and welcome to the forums!

Thank you for taking the time to report this situation to us.

In regards to the emote pack, which pack would you be referring to? Currently, the “Setite Cultist” pack does include three emotes and a “Rainment of Set Armor” armor set, however, if you’re referring to a different emote pack, could you kindly provide me with a screenshot of the purchased pack?

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