#$BBB$ PvP Video

Peep my vid. “Too Much Sauce”


Feel free to comment what you like, didn’t like, questions, pointers, concerns.

I play a lot of different classes. Keeps the game fun for me. I also have a Bear, Sin, and Guard. I’ll include those in future videos. Next video will be heavy Barb material with a possibility of a Demo appearance.

Willing to make class specific videos based on community popular demand. Choose from:
Necro, Bear, Sin, Conq, Guard, Ranger, Barb, Tos

Imo you should change the program to record your videos. It looks bad even watching it in HD. Other than that, good moves :stuck_out_tongue:

I could make a short guide of recording and rendering if that would help


I’d like such a guide. I am recording via GeForce Shadow but sometimes it happens that in the middle of recording everything slows down or looks like the video is lagging. Dunno how to fix it.

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Cool video, gief moar. I’d like to see barb and sin videos

Khramps! My necro hero. Subbed to your channel keep those videos coming.

Great video. And shows how good you can be in aoc. Should make shorter videos though dedicated to a single class. Maybe add tips in their for beginners

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Nice video especially the last part.

Had that nostalgia itch. Come to find my dude Etchasketch still playing? Damn dude.

PvP still active?