Searching PVP clips for community pvp-movie

Hello. My plan is to make a community pvp-movie where i collect highlights collected over the span of a month. What YOU need to do is to get into pvp-minigames or pvp-festival and do some crazy things worth watching in the movie.

Easiest way to record clips is by
Shadowplay (Nvidia)
Relive (AMD)
Open broadcast software (OBS)
Other free alternatives.

This is what u do when u apply a clip.
The resolution should be minimum 720p, but 1080p is recommended.
Uploaded on google drive (not accepting any other upload-sites).
Exact time in the video where it happens, and a short description whats happening / why its special.
It can be silly stuff aswell, as long as its funny.

Hope this gives some drive for people to play their best and do some crazy stuff.


anyone recording for this? I am atleast!

for anyone too lazy to make a pvp montage its a great chance!

recording these days doesn’t stress your computer as much as it used to in the “fraps days”.

it can be simple duels too I think?

Only if something stood out. I dont want zillion duels sent to me cos X feels proud over beating Y.

maybe I said it the wrong way with simple duels, ofc not about who you killed, but purely in a gameplay pov, nicely executed kill or something funny/special.

but I understand duels may appear more stale. only if they have some sort of substance, I guess XD Trap PvP