Record and Rendering Tutorial


Heyo, this thread is for people who are new to recording and editing / rendering, and people who have done it before but want to increase the quality. Whats great today compared to back in the day is that you can record your gameplay without performance-loss. Before recording programs like Fraps used a big portion of your cpu load to capture videos. Today theres alternatives that barely does anything to your performance while recording high quality videos.

Thread is devided into
1 Recording
2 Editing / Rendering

There are plenty of ways you can record your footage from Age of Conan. The best way depends on what kind of content you want to make.

PVP If you want to capture highlights only theres a great way of doing so. Nvidia and AMD have their own programs that can record silently in the background whenever you are playing, if you make a sick play, you have a button to save the last 10-15 minutes only. If you dont press the button for saving, it wont save anything.

AMD graphicscard users - Amd Radeon Relive.
Nvidia graphicscard users - Shadowplay (geforce experience)

PVE If you are recording dungeon/raid encounters or just anything. Nvidia Experience (shadowplay) or AMD Relive works great. You can either set them to replay mode where it always records, and you press a button if you wanna save the last X minutes you played. Or you can set up where u manually start it before you do something you want to share.

Open Broadcast Software. Its the program streamers use when they stream their games, but it has really good functions for recording that imo gives better quality then the options above.

Heres my recording settings in Open Broadcast Software.

If you need more basic knowledge how to use this programs, then theres plenty of guides on youtube to cover the basics.


Once you have your raw videofiles you want to trim, make scenes or add music. Ive always been abit of a pirate that hang around the bay, but if you want free alternatives of videoeditingsoftware its actually possible to decent quality out of windows movie maker. The best software for beginners with simple interface and good rendering options is Sony Vegas, the version im using is Vegas pro 14.

The most important steps in order to get good quality in your videos are

  1. Raw videofile you recorded needs high enough bitrate
  2. For me, 60 fps videos is a must these days, record 60 fps if your game runs well.
  3. Make sure your editing softwares project settings and rendering settings match the above.

Again, theres plenty of good basic & in depth tutorials on how to use Sony vegas. For now im just gonna paste some screenshots of good projectsettings and renderingsettings for the best youtube quality.

Rendering settings
When you go to render, you go to Mainconcept AVC/AAC, select one of the rendering-templates, and edit that template to match the picture below.

Once this has rendered out, you will have a video file you can upload to your youtube channel. Sometimes youtube can block videos depending on what music you added, might be an idea to keep a track of that, i have a video that can only be seen from singapore i think :slight_smile:

Following this guide should give you a result resembling this

This was quickly thrown together so ask questions if anything is unclear.


Thanks a lot. This will be a useful guide for the future.


Thank you :+1:


Great info, thanks! A note I used to do alot of youtube and agree Windows Movie Maker while simple is actually really good to use for editing :grinning:


Nice work!

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Thanks for the tutorial. Recorded my first video today just for fun :sunny: hehe


Alternatively if you stream to twitch they have a feature that records your gameplay for you on their cloud allowing you to go back and save highlights that you want to keep. You can also download the videos for local editing if you want to add effects and intros or what not. That’s what I use for my videos. Works great and doesn’t drain any of my resources.

Also windows movie maker isn’t distributed by microsoft anymore so if you’re on windows 10 you’ll need to install windows live essentials. It’s archived at the link below. Saved you some digging.

You’re welcome.

As for video editing locally, I use a program that’s a little more feature rich called filmora wondershare. but there are many different video editing programs out there. Wondershare is pretty easy to use and doesn’t require a technical degree. It isn’t free but offers a free trial.

Also if you plan to stream forget OBS, check out Streamlabs OBS instead.
Very easy user interface and tons of features. All the professional streamers use it and endorse it. Get set up easily and start streaming today.