I like to make my first CE Video

So, my question is: What video-programs do you use and why.
My first goal is a simple video about the bases on our server. So I need nothing fancy, but something simple to use for an absolute nooby on this playground.
Thanks for the help in advance! :smiley:


Just use OBS for all game videos. It’s extremely powerful, versatile, easy to use and free, plus there’s a ton of how-to videos on Youtube. Additionally, as you get better and your video making skills improve, you will start demanding more out of the program you chose, but with OBS, you won’t have to learn a new program, with plug-ins, OBS does it all.


Thanks for that. I came to the same conclusion on my I-net research. But the advice is very helpful nevertheless!
So I will try my best.
Conan community, steel yourself!


OBS, as previously stated is a great recording software. It’s what I use. For editing, Hitfilm Express is free and is incredibly robust. There is a paid version with even more features, but the free version is really good for starting out. You can edit clips, mix audio, use layers and make custom compositions.


OBS would’ve been my first suggestion, too. For editing, you may also want to check out DaVinci Resolve - the free version isn’t really missing any essential tools, and it’s used by actual professionals all over the world. But if I’ve understood correctly, it has a rather steep learning curve.

(Not that I know anything about video editing. Last time I did that we had VHS cassettes we copied frame-to-frame to another cassette. But our foundation’s digital media workshop uses DaVinci Resolve.)


OBS is a good option for streaming rather than video recording. While it works fine, it isnt really designed to make the best use of performance and recording.
The best one to record in a really good quality without stumbling with performance is the native GPU softwares (nvidia experience, Radeon Overlay, etc …)
While they might seem to end up being the same as OBS, they are much lighter to run with games, and they have some neat features to make the video recording more stable.
When I am doing long video recording to edit afterwards, however, I use FBX game recorder, because it is simple, light and it does not store the video in end format, so the files are small to store until editing and exporting to a more robust format.
It also allows for doing some of the editing work from its storage before exporting to a video editing or YouTube.

I do use OBS, but it has proven to be only better to stream live.


oh, i usually use OBS for recording and adobe premiere to edit
but thanks for the advice, i will give NVDIA a try.


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