Can i create cinematic video on Conan exiles?

i need make epic video in Conan exiles please tell me more about best cinematic editor if is cinematic editor thank you for every answer

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You can hide the HUD with Alt-Z, and vanity camera key is V. Personally for videos, I use OBS Studio for recording and Hitfilm Express for editing



Using admin commands Fly and Invisibility with the HUD turned off can give you the ability to get drone like footage.

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I am using HitPaw Screen Recorder. It’s straightforward to use, and the best part is it captures every detail without leaving a watermark.

For the editing bit, I am using Movavi. It’s free and packs a punch with its automatic cinematic features like transitions, AI background removal, and some slick presets for color adjustments. You can read here about all it’s features. It seamlessly fits with the footage you record, mainly from games.

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There is a mod to make play with multiple camera angles like the GTA free camera, but you’ll have to figure out how it works

Im on xbox series x so no editing, no mods for me

Admin mode and invisibility. Set your nudity to Partial to allow the Xbox to record video footage. It will NOT allow you to record anything with full nudity switched on.

On PS5 this is extremely easy. Then, you edit the footage with Share Factory and from animated comic books to actual movies, there’s a lot you can do.
So, with the right tools on PC, you can probably do much, much more.