Photo moments Suggestion

So I’ve been playing Conan Exiles for about a month and I’ve climbed some high points in the game. At each location I like to take pictures and screenshots of the surrounding area. The only problem is the hud always ruins it. I haven’t found a way to take off the hud if there is a way. Is it possible to make a settings option for screen shots like a photo mode? I haven’t seen anyone else ask about this before so i thought I would ask about it. I do happen to play on PS4 as well if that helps with determining settings i have missed that someone can direct me to also.

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alt+Z by default, but if you seek for it in the parameters you can bind it to wathever you wan’t^^

wait what ? they can’t bind key on console ? that’s harsh

We only have two options when it comes to key mapping. Both are just barely tolerable. :confused:

No keys on console since no support for a keyboard. We must do with only the gamepad buttons. :cry:

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