Tips to improve graphics

Hi there,

I’m somewhat a new player to Age of Conan and I was wondering if any veteran players use some software to enhance the graphics of the game. My pc can run the game on high settings but I have the impression the colors look faded like the image is a little blurry. I tried turning contrast up and gamma down and that somewhat solves the problem but the game gets a little too dark.

Anyway any help is much appreciated thanks. :grinning:

Look for a program called reshade

Thank you Mr. Groovy

I was watching a let’s play from Grim Dark and he showed his settings on reshade. I downloaded it and now the game looks much better. Shoutout to him as well.

Grim Dark (Half Off) - YouTube

Glad to be of assistance, compadre!

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I’m gonna post the before and after reshare because the difference is staggering.

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