Geforce Driver Update - Built in Reshade - SAAAY WHAAA?

Hey there peeps.

This is just a tip for you Nvidia users out there. Nvidia dropped a driver update about a week ago that adds built-in Reshade filters into Geforce Experience. What’s the relevance for Conan Exiles? You can tweak your graphic settings a ton, and its so easy to do.

There are about a million articles on what Reshade is so I’m not going to bother giving the full run down, but here is the official site for Reshade. Here is Nvidia’s breakdown on what Reshade is:

If you’re unfamiliar with ReShade, it’s a free tool that enables you to “inject” post-processing customization into games. These sharpen detail, add improved ambient occlusion shadowing, depth of field, advanced depth-edge-detection-driven SMAA antialiasing, dynamic film grain, automatic saturation, color correction, cross processing, multi-pass blurring, and much more, completely transforming a game’s look and feel. Default filters are included, though many more amazing additions have been hand-crafted by ReShade’s vibrant modding community.

With the latest Nvidia drivers, setting up Reshade is easier then ever and you can make your game, in this case Conan Exiles, look all the more awesome with a few simple steps. All without having to download the actual Reshade application as its now built directly into Geforce Experience. Check out the Youtube video below where the Nvidia peeps take a couple minutes to show you how to set it all up (it took me less then 5 minutes).

For you AMD users, you can still use Reshade if you want, but you’ll need to go about it the old fashion way of setting it up. That’s what the previous website link is for. Anyhoo, this isn’t like mountain moving news, just a neat tip I thought I would share.

Here is some additional information on the implementation of Reshade from Nvidia’s website for some extra reading. And if Conan Exiles isn’t the only game you play (blasphemy?), there are 650 other games to play around with too.


Thank you for sharing this!


Oh my god!! I think im gonna actually install gforce experience for this. Never have before, felt redundant. But damn what a rad bonus!! Thanks MG! Favorited.


Ok, double-posting because this information is AWESOME. I have just now installed the Gforce Experience again, after so long of just wanting to manage all that stuff manually in the Nvidia Control panel. That’s why I said above I felt it a redundant program.

But, man, I just spent some time messing with all the different Reshade setups that are SO EASY to use and offered in the Experience now, and this is GOLDEN info! SO easy to use! I highly advise any player with the card, fans, and PSU to take @Multigun up on his post and look into this! Super neat! And nary a performance loss on the ones I tested. I just don’t know what type of temperature hits a GPU might take, is the only caution I might give people trying this.

Granted, I haven’t yet settled on a setup I am really happy with yet (mostly a mixture of sharpen and clarity for now) but there’s so many options to try! For my own advice, I do say for people to try this when Conan Exiles is in a daytime state so you can see the nuance of changes you are making when adjusting the Reshade settings… On the fly!!!.. In game.

As an aside, I am finding that this ‘gpu scaling’ feature is available only in the Nvidia control panel, and only under ‘global’ options right now… It is not present on a per-application basis ( i.e., you don’t see it in the dropdown menu’s for ‘conansandbox.exe’) but I still think it works. I’m not sure, and if any of you are really tech savvy, it’d be cool to get your input on this feature. I was really excited about it, because in other games I used to play like Division 2 that had this sort of thing natively in the game client, it really helped performance to run at a lower resolution and have the GPU upscale to native resolution. Any people wanna weigh in on this feature maybe? Seems to work for me, but I suppose I’m having trouble telling if it is for the moment.

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