Conan Exiles BattlEys blocking ReShade

Why is BattlEye blocking ReShade?
last time i check Devs allowed ReShade and i even used it,
i have been away for awhile and last ReShade update came on feb 8th so BattlEye should have updated their White list by now?
or has it been banned?

This seems more like something to take up with BattlEye rather than Funcom.

If you have an Nvidia GPU, Reshade is built into Geforce Experience now.

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I know but it’s not to my liking and have bigger performance impact than ReShade

BattliEye doesn’t block ReSahde unless the Devs want it to, that’s why i’m asking here.

As others have pointed out you might have better luck asking about this to them rather than us.

Alright then, Thanks.

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