Is ReShade allowed on official pvp servers?

i use it for single player but what about pvp official servers is it detected as cheat? i don’t wanna risk it if it is detected as some cheat tool by the anti-cheat program.

As far as I know, as long as it doesn’t trip BattlEye, any post-process app should be acceptable for use online. Funcom’s position is generally as hands off on official servers as possible, but they do not want the game to be played in a way they do not intend.

The above post is from just after official launch, and there are few topics on it here, at Steam or reddit.

I know there are exploits inherent in any dynamic view system, are you asking about specific issues?

I have seen this before but i kinda wanted an updated answer since conan has changed a lot since release and if i’m not wrong there is also VAC Protection enabled besides BattleEye.

no real issue except that i wanted to get ride of that games washed out colors and blurry graphics.

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