Anisotropic texture filtering is killing this for me

Shame to be that person that makes a forum post for one subject however I cannot take it any longer, why on Earth is there no anisotropic filtering on textures? The ground looks like we’re playing a game from 2001 anywhere more than five yards in front of you.

How did this get through to release?

“Sixteen time the details” (cit.)

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Hey there Justice, nice to see you around here. Sorry if on the off-chance you’re using an AMD GPU, I’ll be working on those settings next, so I can’t speak from immediate experience.

If you couple a particular set of GTX GPUs, and/or experience tuning the custom 3D settings under the NVIDIA Control Panel, the game looks much like what I suspect the dev team intended.

There’s a definite stylized approach to the artwork and scenery, and ground elements will often reflect that choice poorly without the imposition of GPU-heavy settings, or Control Panel settings that can be imposed outside of Conan Exiles.

The GTX 960M, for example, allows imposition of an anistropic/antialiasing technology that makes these surfaces look lush and stylized, instead of washed-out and detextured.

Separate demonstration: during the next legit Sandstorm, as it’s approaching, turn off the in-game Anti-Aliasing. If it’s off, the sandstorm will look complex and scaly. If you’ve just turned it off, and the sandstorm still looks low-pixel, something else is intervening in your graphic output.

Player to player, thanks for your input already, any screenies would be nice. :mechanical_arm:

while youre at it can you fix the fake sandstorma nd the real ones plz?

Hi Barnes,

I am using Nvidia graphics card.

Not certain what the rest of your comments are intending to state. There should be no modern engine that cannot handle anisotropic filtering.

As for an example, no need to use one from in-game, you can see it on any article about filtering.
One will show detailed ground surfaces and one will be blurred blurred, creating an obvious line of difference in quality.
Also I cannot upload as a new user.

Conan is like this everywhere and no amount of control panel settings makes a difference.

I find it astounding this is the way it is.

Game looks awesome to me.

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It’s not the engine, it’s the client PC, or console. The simplest way to tank your framerate is to start demanding more of post and of textures, plus general shadows. I think that CE is resource-intensive enough without anisotropic filtering enforced. :slight_smile:

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Some users report great improvement after deleting System32 file.

Please don’t take above comment seriously, It will break your computer. Best way toget the most out of it is to play with settings and see what makes improvements, For me turning down AA improved the clarity and performance of my graphics 10 fold. Went from a blurry mess to crystal clear by setting the AA to low when it had defaulted to high, given I am using AMD components so my fix may not pertain to your build, however that is kind of my point, so many systems seem to handle this game so vastly differently that the best way is unfortunately self experimentation with settings to find your sweet spot. Much of the advice others give you may not work for you as it did for them.

Conan is a strange beast when it comes to graphic display.

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Is that a consequence of the Unreal engine?

Yes that is a big part of it. Unfortunately the Unreal engine was made for Nvidia first and AMD was kind of an afterthought, namely console pressure helped to put some AMD support into the engine and make it more compatible but it still doesnt receive the kind of patching bug fixing or support that Nvidia does. It’s a reality of the I.T world that manufactures make different friends and those friends want exclusive relationships so that things lack universal compatibility, this is how a lot of them gain competitive advantages. I have always believed this is a dirty and immoral practice but hey it is what it is.

In my opinion all this kind of stuff whether software or hardware should be standardized to offer the same port and support range to any device, reason companies dont like this is because money. Why do you think Apple was so against making their charging ports universal, because then you are forced to buy any replacements from them… That same principle exists in so much of the I.T world that it would make you sick to know the extent some companies go to to prevent you from going to someone else for support on their product.

Maybe one day there will be some international standard that dictates compatibility over different maufactures and products but unfortunately that day is not today :frowning:

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All what are you even talking about? I am not claiming poor performance. I am discussing the fact that Conan Exiles doesn’t have any anisotropic or even trilinear filtering on ground textures.
And you cannot force it in Nvidia control panel. Games have this since the late 90s.


For me that sounds like ‘poor performance’.

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