Just little announce - improving Conan Exiles graphics and adding new techs

Hello. Upon studying scalabiliti.ini in game i come to conclusion, that you can greatly improve conan exiles graphics by adding some lines into it.
For many of you there can be surprise, but CE dont have Anisotropic filtering x16. Only “ultra” texture quality preset uses… x4 LOL.
So, there are plenty much of options sthat you can edit and improve your game look, for example:
Distance AO
resolution of shadows
draw distance of shadows, high quality grass and etc
AF x16 of cource
and much more (i have to test most of the features before posting em here).

and, this thing you 100% didnt know - you can replace game Anti Aliasing method (x2, x4 and x6) with TXAA. Just by adding some lines into Engine.ini.

I will test settings by myself in couple of days and soon will post here screenshots with comparison and this settings too.


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