Video Options 2023

2016 was the last time I played AOC, and I changed Display resolution to 3440 x 1440, and increased Anti-aliasing to FXAA HQ and DirectX 10. The game looks pretty.

My hardware is kinda old as it is now tho, 2700 Ryzen 7 and Nvidia 1080ti.

Any addons or tweaks that are helpful enhancing the graphics ingame? Im quite happy with it as it is, but it doesnt hurt asking :slight_smile:

You could change the user interface to increase button size

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Thanks for that tip :slight_smile:

I found a youtuber called Grim Dark, and he presented a program called โ€œReshadeโ€ to enhance the graphics of AOC. He also got a Discord channel, so I will try that out, altho it will be intresting to see how performance is affected.