Be able to build all over the map

Hello, I have a server and I would like to build a map room within the unnamed city for the users, how can I remove the restriction to be able to build within the city

You will have to go the mod route for that - if you can go modded with the server you’re on, check out the two must-haves: PIPPI and Multigun’s ‘Less Building Placement Restrictions’ mod, which has a setting that allows building anywhere (as an Admin)

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Type in console:


PlayerCanBuildEverywhere YourIngameCharacterName

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Hey there you can install a mod ( less building placement restrictions ) in the steam workshop install it on the server ( but all your players will have to install it too , to access the server )

For me a map room in the unnamed city makes no sense. When I was co admin we use to build 3 map rooms around unnamed city for several reasons. The first was builded to the passage from noob River to Sepermeru. The reason was to be close to the abysmal obelisk, but the most important, not to let the users to close this passage for Sepermeru because it is very important for new players.
The other exactly to the exit of blue skeleton boss to be closer to Sepermeru and ofcurce not to allow other users to build so close to unnamed city. And the third to the predatory blade boss exit, because at this plateau we fix arenas too. So if someone wanted to farm unnamed city he could use 3 exits and 3 map rooms :wink:.

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You can use the base game option mentioned by @Buschi but if not mistaken you have a limit on the building pieces you can use. Something like 100. If you want to build more, you will need Less Building Placement Restrictions mod as suggested by the rest.


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