I need a Mod Suggestion

Is there a mod that will allow me to place furniture in Sepermeru City’s tavern where Conan is?

Yes, it’s called “Less Building Restrictions” if I recall correctly.


If you’re the admin there is also a console command - something along the lines of “build anywhere”, but I haven’t used it so I don’t know if or how well it works. Might be less intrusive than a mod.

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Admin commands doesn’t work last I checked, and the mod you think is intrusive, cause you’re a big meany head, does a lot more then that (like a certain arrow indicator when placing building pieces that I’m working on adding to said mod. Yup).

(Just to clarify, I’m giving you a hard time because it’s my mod)

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Less Building Placement Restrictions, but ya.

I know it’s yours MG :slight_smile: - and I didn’t actually mean intrusive in a bad way, I meant this:

Which may not be what you want if you’re only after being able to build anywhere.

That said, I am not terribly surprised to learn that the Admin command doesn’t work, they’re very hit’n’miss in my (admittedly limited) experience.

Well, can’t argue with the truth :rofl:

I knew I got the name wrong :wink:

That teaches me not to post before I had a cup of coffee…

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