A building game, that doesn't let you build

Even with enough space, it just can’t be done. Ahhhhhhh this game. -_-

It’d be a good idea to have “smart” building objects, where purely decorative bits like the top piece on the wheel in the pic could hide themselves if they clash with terrain.

Though I have no doubts it’d be a nightmare to implement.

Maybe for CE 2, eh?

I know this isn’t super helpful if this is vanilla or you can’t control the server modlist, but I have one of 4 mods that should help with that. Linky

Indeed, it would be good if they allow building to be more freely done because its really annoying being not able to build in a place that you know it “could” be built.

Almost everything they’re implementing since EA has been a nightmare for them… and for us :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Multigun, but its official server. (unfortunately)

I’m guessing they have it the way they do for exploit and balance reasons. There are probably certain objects built in certain ways that could certainly lead to that, and the side effect is probably what you see in your screenshot.

My mod is a pretty brute force attempt to alleviate building concerns, it just wipes away all of those restrictions off the face of the map, but I’m not building the mod to be worried about exploits and the like. So I get why they have the system in place that they do. I’m sure there must be ways to improve on it though for individual items, like thrall wheels and shrines, but I’m sure they have to be careful in various changes.

Indeed they have to, with all the glitches possibilities that can happen, but still, this shows the lazyness in their testing on features, clearly, they do not have internal testers that checks most of the gameplay basics for real, a sharp level of polishing and I wouldn’t had bought this screen shot here.

I can tell you that it isn’t lazyness. People being humans and creating human errors is the more likely culprit. I’ve been working on that mod I linked since April, and despite my various rounds of testing, users always find something I just didn’t consider or somehow missed or they just had that right set of circumstances to trigger something I normally wouldn’t see. That’s what makes user feedback so important to me, as a mod author. As you can tell, that particular mod has been subjected to a lot of eyeballs (39,000 and counting), and the feedback and bug reports has been invaluable. My mods would not be where they are now without the people downloading those mods and helping me out with that feedback.

Funcom does internal testing all the time as well, but they can’t check for every single variable, it’s impossible. Especially every build variable that the player builders can come up with, people blow my mind in their creativity and the end results that they come up with. So its an on going process of improvement, and just more feedback like this, screenshots and the like, can only help them out. Believe me, in this particular case, I am speaking from personal experience.

Indeed. That’s what I referred to as being a nightmare to implement - not the idea of modular placeables in itself, that’s totally doable and “just” requires the will to do it while taking “modularity” into account during the design phase - all no big deal, technically speaking.

But, for better or worse, this is a PVP game with perpetual advances, with all the balance issues and potential/incentive to cheat and exploit that entails - so a lot of things that would be cool or nice to do just aren’t feasible.

Yeah man, your mods are awesome, but obviously they’re “use at your own discretion” (that goes for any mod, really). Your mods allow us to go “dude, trust me, it’ll fit” and the game goes “okay man, whatever you say” whereas unmodded it goes “nah bro, not gonna happen”.

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