You Cannot Build This Object!

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe

I have a similar message to that: “you do not have permission to build this object” as soon as I try to build the dismantling workbench, or the decoration frames.
Yet I unlocked the objects needed for their construction, and I do not understand why I can not build them.

I also searched these objects in the administrator list mode, and I did not find them.

And I was wondering if a patch would be created to fix this problem one day or the other.

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Hello @Pierre24, thank you for getting in touch!

We’ll need more information in order to be able to replicate the issue on our end, a screenshot would be helpful as well.

Are you unable to craft or to place those objects in the world?
What exact message are you getting?
What do you mean by decoration frames?

In the Admin Panel, the Dismantling Bench will be under the Building tab.

Do you use some mods, since you play in singleplayer mod.

This could be one reason why the bench isn’t shown in the admin-panel if hidden by an other item taking the same ID maybe.

If not, try if you can reproduce it while starting a fresh game, simply admin to the given level for the feat.

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Yes Vattende I use mods, and I think about it, there is indeed a workbench of dismantling added by a mod, and I wonder if this mod does not create a conflict…

OK I try this Thursday when I returned in my home.

Hugo, I’m giving you a picture of the message Thursday, but thanks to Vattende, I know maybe where the problem is, but I should have guessed that there might be conflict, I am modder …

After for detail, I am unable to build the objects.


They aren’t DLC items you don’t have a license for, are they?

Glad my imput gave you a hint.
Yes, this or any other mod may cause this. Try check the workshop, and what it’s said in description, and in the comment section, or simply ask the creator of the mod.

Vattende, I will try to disable the mod for see

Aria_of_Sorrow, No, they are not part of a dlc, otherwise a color would appear on the icon of objects …

The helmets of Thulsa Doom’s henchmen in Conan the barbarian are part of a dlc, those I want to build, no …
( Cauldron for slaves, Dismantling workbench, Landscape frame )

The bug is resolved, thanks to all !

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