Looking for a mod

Ok, so I am looking for some clutter to make my place a bit more lively.

Now, I have seen great mods out there but they, sadly, only allow to place items from the admin panel and I am not interested in that one bit. I want to craft my things, all of my things, so my question is - anybody know of a mod like this? That adds a new workbench or lets us craft things in other ways but spawning them via console?

One to keep an eye on is the Immerse RP & Building Decor mod. It has a version conflict currently (AB_Human_Male), so it can cause a bug in that realm currently. The mod authors are on a hiatus due to some very distracting real life issues (good distractions, if you want to know more you can visit their public discord and see their updates about what’s up). Anyhow, this is one mod I can think of.

If you are interested in an overhaul mod in addition to extra clutter, head to a mammoth of a mod in The Age of Calamitous

Emberlight is another fun one, though it’s less clutter as it is a mod that adds lots of fun stuff.

Finally, you’ll want something to make placing that clutter easier also. That’s what LBPR and the 3 other varients are for.. Though I hear the Mod Author is a demi-god, so you might want to say nice things about him.

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Thank you very much!

Will surely check them out :slight_smile: