Questions about Mods

Good day fellow exiles.
I’ve been enjoying Conan Exiles allot and have reached the point of - building stuff in style -.

And i would like some advice as to what mods, can be or are helpful, in doing so.
I’ve seen some awesome stuff on the forum from Temples of Set to wonderful Castels for Kings and Queens. But most of them use a mod or 23…
And some without naming them. So yeah kinda hard to find them.

Tldr question:
What mods are good for building?
( eg. If i’m not mistaken the base game doesn’t have ‘Blood pools/baths’ Any mod that adds those?)
Preferably in a package.

Cheers and fight for Survival (and style) Exiles!

For building:

  • Less building placement restrictions (makes building a lot easier)
  • Savage Steel (hundreds of decoration things)
  • Shadows of Skelos (hundreds of decoration things, also adds squares that have a moving water texture so you can create pools and, also in red for blood)
  • Emberlight (adds many things and also many decoration parts)
  • Glass constructions and more (adds lots of new building techniques and parts)
  • placeable Pets (adds all pets as decoration items that “live” (they have breathing movements etc and are not taxidermed) , you can set them in a sitting / laying or standing pose)

For other things

  • Pippi (more something for MP but even in SP it has lots of use and cool features)
  • Fashionist (vanity armor system, you get 5 more slots where you can equip items that you want the look of)
  • Immersive Armors (cool jewelry system and many new armors made from vanilla armors)

There are many more mods, some of the ones I listed have “sub-mods” as well, they are listed in the description of the main mod if you want to have them as well. Make sure though you have the right loading order active

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Yep, there are many, many mods that add more variety and options to building and decoration, but you shouldn’t feel you absolutely need them, either.

Everything I’ve built (until I decided to participat in the LBPR building contest, where using mods was required) has been built using only standard building pieces (including DLC), and I’m quite happy with most of what I can do.

But if you want to expand your horizons, you might want to check out THIS thread - Multigun lists a pretty good selection of suggested mods in the opening post.


Thank you Force and Kapoteeni

Both your awnsers and tips/links are very helpfull :smile:
If i get something finnished i might post it :smiley:

Cheers and survive well Exiles!

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