Hello People, New Player new Mods but sometimes it just dosen't work

Well ,well, well, I started Conan exiles and juiced it up with those Mods:

Fashionist v4.2.2
Immerse RP : Building & Placeables 1.2.5
Immerse RP : Placeable Decors 1.0.4
Immerse RP : Fright Night 1.0.3
Immerse RP : Festive 1.0
Pippi 3.6.4
ModControlPanel 1.1.2
Kerozards Paragon Leveling Reloaded 2.3.2
Shadow of Skelos Extended 1.4.7
Shadow of Skelos Vol.2 1.2.4
Emberlight 3.2.3
Age of Calamitous 22.248.8
Rise of Necromancy (AOC EDITION) 1.2.1
Endgame Estended Weapon Arsenal 0.26.7
KPL Smooth Leveling add-on 1.0.1
Immersive Armor 5.5.4
Barbarian Barber 3.5.2
Barbarian Sugeon 1.2.2
Akuba’s Salon 1.0.8
CNC 1.5.0
Pickup+ 3.3.0
Resource Stack Size 10k + no Weight 1.1.0
GrimProductions 1.0.4
Legacy of Darness Clothing and Armor
Glass Constructions and More
Lemurian Architect 1.1.9
Less building Restrictions 7.2.9
Beyond Theatrics
GetClose 1.0.0
Stacksize Plus 1.7.15 (dlc Compatible)
Devious Desires 3.4.0
Kali’s Cults & Crafts 7.0.0
Configurable Elevators 1.0.2
Triangle Ceilings Fix 1.1.0
Cinnamon Candle (RA) 1.3.0
Greater Camera Distance 1.5.1
Thrall_Catcher 1.0.0
Invisible Bracers 1.0.3
Building Shortcut Bar 1.4.6
The Rift Server Mod 1.0.2
SlaverMod 1.1.7
Syren’s Pretties 1.1.4
Barbarism and Armors 0.3.6
Litman Loot Legendary Chests 1.29.0
Better Thralls 1.9.14
Improved Bodies 2 Shaved and oily 1.0.0
Improved Quality of Life 3.4.2
RA : Character Customisation 3.0.0
RA : Fantasy Extension 2.2.3

could someone enlighten me very please.

If some mods are out of date without me knowing it, point it out to me please.

Hello @Optical_Optimus,

You may want to start fresh, unload all of them and add each mod one at a time until you find the one that failed.

On the page of each mod, it will tell you the date it was last updated and you can remove any of the outdated ones.

Good luck.

Why do you have Kerozards Paragon Leveling, and Litmans Loot Legendai Chests? No reason to have Litmans when you are using KPL.

Why are you using Improved Bodies 2 Shaved and oily when you have Emberlight? Another redundancy.

Honestly it would take me hours to go through your list, so I just grabbed a couple of things that I spotted right away. You need to take some time to really go through your mod list. Your load order is wrong (many mod pages detail exactly how it should be, including LBPR that’s in your list), you have redudent mods, you have mods that have giant red flags for how out of date they are, etc.


You’re asking for others to do a lot of work for you here when a lot of this can be solved it you actually read the changelogs, compatibility notes, and load orders for the mods you use.


Thank you so much for the help so far, is there like a thread where i can see what each mod does? There is like little to none on the steam workshop sites :frowning:

If you don’t know what they do, then why did you subscribe to them?

I post everything that I can possibly think of on my workshop pages, including links to guides if necessary. But that’s an optional thing that no mod author is required to do.

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my girlfriend wanted them to be included mostly because of the cosmetics and “other” stuff

At one point on the past I used an elevator mod that eventually stopped working. I do not recall if that was Configurable Elevators or something else.

Since then, I’ve switched to the Less Building Placement Restrictions add-on (LBPR add-on). Either that, or the base LBPR mod adds configurable speeds for the elevators.

It could also be that the elevator mod and LBPR are in conflict due to both being able to edit the elevator speed.

If you elect to use the LBPR add-on, please note that it must be placed above the base mod in load order (as is noted in the Workshop page for the mod).

When starting to use mods. Please start small and add more as you go. Starting with so many 50+ right off the bat is asking for extra work for yourself to get it to work right.

I would start with Pippi, Less Building Placement Restrictions and maybe 4 to 6 additional mods to start with, to see what they do and if you like them. When you have too many initially, you will not know which one you dislike off the bat.

On another note: These mods work since I have them on 3 servers.

Some other mods that you have should work as well since they are made by the same modders like Immerse (other mods)

I am not familiar with all yours mods personally (heard of them or some are on my friend’s server) but since I do use them on my servers I will not comment on those.

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are fine

I would not recommend to a new player who is not familiar with the base game to start with so many mods. If not anything else, you simply don’t have the experience and knowledge to troubleshoot all the potential errors you may receive. Not to mention, that if you later decide to remove some of those mods, this may lead to corruption and even the need to wipe your database clean. Having so many mods also means that you are basically on your own when it comes to troubleshooting. You can expect very little assistance from the community because it is unlikely to find anyone running the same mods in this combination.

Furthermore, I really hope those connecting to your server have beefy computers and good internet connection otherwise they may not even be able to load all this before they are timed out by the server for being too slow.

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is thrallsidekick working in coop? or only singleplayer + Server?

I can’t confirm that it works on Co-op play but it should work. I never tried Co-op play before. Its a tiny mod so you could always test it to see if it works or not.

It’s found in LBPR - Additional Features, to clarify.

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