Can someone Mod school me pls!

Hey everyone! So I’ve been playing Conan awhile now but just switched to PC and am just now learning to mod because, while its good on its own, there is SOOOO much more to do with this game with mods, right? Yep. So I tried to pick up some tips on load order from the mod pages and forums but I don’t totally understand how to optimize it. I’ve had some crashes but everything SEEMS to be working fine atm? And do I have too many? I just want ALL the placeables and building and appearance and pervy options, ya know? And I don’t know if I’m missing anything that is amazing and I should definitely know about so I’d love suggestions to try out if you have them! TY!!

My mods current order:
Accessory Wardrobe
Hosav’s Custom UI Mod
Aephrosi’s Altar
Weaty’s Armor Pack
Aquilonian Server Mod
Litman’s Boobs and Dongs
Northern Timber
Stun Bow
Improved Bodies Shaved Oiled Females
Beyond Decor
Beyond Stations
Beyond Theatrics
Cinnamon Candle
Exposed Armor
Glass Construction and more
High Heels
Immerse RP - Buildings and Placeable Decor
Dark Desires
Devious Desires
Savage Steel
Savage Steel vol II
Jungle Building Set
Praise Derketo
Shani’s Stuff
Dude’s Delightful Decorations Deux
Dude’s Delightful Decorations
Lemurian Architect
Conspirator Armor for Passion Body
Sexy Silent Legion Armor
Greek Aquilonian Armors
The Age of Calamitous
Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal
Improved Quality of Life
Pythagoras Expanded Building
LBPR Additional Features
Builders Workbench Reborn Extendd
Unlock Plus [with Pickup]
Less Building Placement Restrictions

Ty again for any help you can give!

To my knowledge, these two are likely culprits, those two mods have not been updated due to some RL issues. Since they were not updated to 2.8 they currently cause crashes. The mod author is currently trying to recover, but it will be a while before they do and can update. Its not a simple fix unfortunately.

This is potentially not the only two, but the ones I personally know are currently not working.


After my own heart.

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You are missing Thrall wars… you will love that

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Ty so much for your help! Sry to hear the author is having troubles. It is some cool looking stuff. I’m obsessed with cool looking things to decorate with

I know right? I’ve been waiting my whole life for a game like this! :grin:

The Aquilonian Server Mod adds one of the best features so far. Anatomical correctness with physics :yum:

Checking out immediately. Ty for the suggestion!

Shadows of skelos is also very good for placeables but just a word advice on a long laundry list of mods (which I have done). Add them slow to make sure you are getting your value with the exception of map mods (if you want AoC and EEWA, just add them so they are in place). Adding them slowly will allow you to integrate them in a way that justifies the load delay. Stuff like armor and what ot is easy since its up to the players to use, but DMT, thrall wars, shadows of skelos, exiles extreme require the admin to implement and it can be daunting to handle them all at once, but thats just a personal preference. Ive personally used most of your list and all great (the dudes concern is real and sad because its so great). Beyond theatrics is also no longer supported but it should be okay because its mostly emotes and if you have to remove it, you won’t be losing content. The other warming is that for a modlist that long, if something breaks, your server may get corrupted and then rollback and removal can get tough when you dont know the culprit.

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Haha, yeah, it’s a daunting list, I’m a little obsessed with having pretty things, living or not, everywhere. But yeah the extra content is all enticing too. I even saw the Kalimdor one that adds some Warcraft to the game. Being a Blood Elf Paladin from Silvermoon City myself, thats pretty enticing, but seemed like another large one so I held off till I had some good advice. Have you or know anyone who’s tried it?

I do not have any experience with that map, but if you’re looking to play an elf or orc like character, Improved Quality of Life (which you have already), and Roleplay Aesthetics plus its Fantasy Extension addon mod will allow for it. Here’s an example:


I’m not a WoW fan so I havent tried it but I wouldnt add that to AoC without knowing all the ins and outs of AoC really well. You’d have to admin all the required faction stuff and that is a chore. I’d choose one or the other.

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We do totally RP as elves! Wife and I both came from WarCraft. I’m Tank and she’s Heals. Was RP’ing that with a Conan group on PS for awhile, but pretending we were using magic to blend in. I’ll be playing with my new elf look since now I can finally show my ears! :smile:

Yeah, we stopped playing it awhile ago, but it’s definitely a big part of our gaming history, so would’ve been neat. And ty for the Thrall Wars tip!

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