Need help with my mod order, crashes on game startup :(

Hello, I am trying to use some mods for the first time ever and I have no idea what I am doing to be honest. Any help in getting them in the right order would be awesome, as right now I can not get them to work at all.

My current order:
LTs Compass
Outfit Manager Beta 0.2.0
RA Character Customization
Litman Increased Weight
Litman item stack
litman thrall placing distance
less building placement restrictions
lvl 140
Praise Derketo
grim productions
weaty’s armor pack
immersive armor
accessory wardrobe
wonderbody armors and clothing
wonderbody armors and clothing skimpy
grim’s wonderbody reupload

Also, I just kind of randomly selected mods that sounded cool or sexy so feel free to suggest mods that I should remove or add to this list. Thanks!

I’d move body replacers further up the LO with armour replacers above them, generic texture replacers up top. All iin file size order when possible. It’s how it works for Skyrim, I’d assume not much difference, though might be worth asking one of the Conan Exiles mod authors.

Okay, thanks for the advice!

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