Mod Creation Help

Hello exiles, I am trying to find someone with experience modding Conan to help with a small project I do not have the knowledge to do myself. I think the request would be simple, but am unsure.

I need help creating a mod, that is a small selection of vanilla assets taken from another mod. I would like to add a mod on my server that is JUST the horticulture from the Emberlight mod (, then compressed to be the smallest size possible. I did try to reach out to the author of the mod but I guess they are too busy.

Full credit will go to the mod author, and its only being used privately.


Well this is embarrassing… I asked the co-authors and no one remembers being approched by you.

We have no desire to maintain two mods with identical features however.

Im not asking anyone to maintain anything, all Im asking is help creating decent mod that adds place-able trees and plants. I can’t find anything that isn’t massive in size or doesn’t have a bunch of other stuff I’ll never use.

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