Immersion Loving Roleplayer - Looking for Mods; Suggestions for the Conan Modding Community

Hey Modders of the Conan Community! I’ve recently started playing Conan Exiles and have been scouring the steam workshop for mods to personalize my experience to my survival RPG fantasy.

I have been trying to tweak back some of the things that stick out to me as I play online and meet people:

#1 Regeneration of Assets, NPCs I’ve noticed that the regeneration of assets and npcs is always maintained in the game(and pretty quick too). The primary thing that tires me when playing Conan Exiles is the repetition of running back to assets I’ve already gathered, or enemies I’ve already defeated… So far, I’ve been unable to move the asset/npc regeneration to zero and have no customization option between foilage, rocks and minerals, humanoids, and animals.

#2 Inability to Plant Trees/Assets Planting trees/assets would be a very cool feature to add to the game. This would go along well with removing the regeneration of assets that have already been taken. For instance: If I were to mine a large boulder, I would be able to place the stones (if unused) I gathered from it on the terrain, or a table cosmetically without them disappearing in a loot bag.

#3 Construction/Crafting while Moving This feature in Conan Exiles is very immersion breaking. It is as if some mysterious stranger is working in the background to build me items as I go about other business. I would love a mod that prevents the player from moving and adds animations while crafting an item. This would include animations for all of the stations and buildings that would make sense as well.

#4 Leveling Regions I’m not particularly a fan of the MMORPG style of dumping enemies across the map and making certain areas exponentially higher than the regions around it. I would prefer that damage and leveling be a bit more universal. I’ve not found any mods to do this but for now I’ve decided to increase the damage done by players and NPCs 10X. I haven’t experimented much with this so far but I’m unsure if it will work out as I level up. The idea is that even with a weapon made of stone I could deal damage to a wolf, lion, etc… If I don’t get one shotted by it. :sweat_smile:

This seems like a temporary fix. What I would like is to have a leveling system that doesn’t include exponential increases in health, damage, etc. Perhaps one that is more focused on skills than stats.

Thus far, I’ve only found one mod to help improve immersion for the game that I’ve enjoyed, Permadeath, created by ChudaRuri.

If anyone has any suggestions on mods or ways to improve my survival RPG experience I’d appreciate the feedback; and if any modders out there think my ideas are worth anything they can make them into a reality!


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